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Jordan Miller  "Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order." -Michael Scott

Hbd loser! Thx for providing me with constant entertainment, incredible dance moves, karaoke, and dad jokes everyday. #22 #feelin21 #whatacatch #we'renotsiblings

Winner winner, fishy dinner 🐟

"So if your friends jumped off a bridge would you do that too?"

Can't believe I forgot my vape pen at home. #smh #StillHadAHeckinGoodTime

Cheese balls for breakfast, lunch & dinner. #brunch #linner

Alumni sounds weirder the more times you say it.

"Knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than to lose you." -Patrick Star

Nickelback would be proud of this photograph and Kyle's karaoke. #lastformal #bestformal #wearen'tsiblings

Today I swam with a shark for $2. Today was a good day.

So glad I brought my favorite Mexican with me to Mexico 🌞

9,000 tacos were consumed in the making of this photo.

Left half my belongings in Jersey and still hungover from Philly, cheers to getting our shit together in 2017. ▫️β–ͺ️

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