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Jordan Cox  every day i open this log and read about people and teens asking me for my precious username with tears streaming down my face

why must you torment me so, all I want is to be left alone, crying, with my precious username

#ladas in Cuba

Pitching practice in the FOSCA building’s empty pool

lil bee having a lil mornin sip

Incredible food on #sifnos and #serifos this week. Many photos by the beautiful @inutilidettagli
#x100f #greece

alright Greece is pretty nice

this was the second hell-related spoof and/or goof I came across in my very brief time in the Athens port today. The other was Hell Energy Drink, which "gives you power like hell." I, for one, welcome the entrance of Lucifer and his fiery domain into the world of slightly broken non-native-speaking English marketing slogans and look forward to what's next

Hey, the dummy can't hurt you.
He's not even alive.
He's *dead*.

1) here's Pam holding a nice pamphlet we got on the subway a couple weeks ago

2) it's my birthday so I'm feelin generous and thinking about giving away my precious baby username again

3) jk I love all your comments too much to ever do anything but hold onto it until the end of time which is a while from now 😘 blessings and love to all my thirsty followers, you bring me great joy when I open this web site every 3 months

nice lil animal

tfw you read all the secondary literature and your argument is still rock solid or ah look i don't know this feels like a photo that would be in a meme or something but im not in that business

nothin wrong with some Stan Smiths

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