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@mustycarlos pulling into a heavy Cabo pit!!!!! He killed his first heat of the morning and will be skimming again tomorrow! #Cabo #skim #musty

Go check out all the new hats on the joogsquad store! Joogsquad.com they are selling quick so get em while we gottem

June 25th! JOOGSQUAD is taking over THE LEGENDARY KONA SKATE PARK! The biggest Joogsquad meet up ever! The biggest KONA event ever! The oldest skate park in the world! We are going to break records and have a the greatest event ever! #skatekona #joogsquad #kona #konaskatepark #takeover

People who steal, lie, and prey on unsuspecting people don't deserve anything nice.. Prank call them relentlessly until it ends. I've called them over 100 times today! Feel free to do the same. If you record your call and put the video on Instagram. Tag @joogsquad and @mustymerk and I will shout you out if it's funny! #prank #prankcall #doit #scammers

Lamest signs in existence.... Go get yourself some stickers on www.JoogSquad.com !! ALSO NEW HATS ARE LIVEEE! #JOOGSQUAD

We did it! The joogsquad did it! Woooohoooo! We couldn't have done it without all of you. Thank you all so much for the love and support! Were doing what we can to influence positivity and good vibes. Remember you have the choice to be a good person and make this world a better place. #joogsquad #wedidit #1million

@mustyhopper87 and @mustymerk catching a double with some Christmas Eve swell on the gulf coast! Who has been catching waves over the holidays! Tag your friends that shred! #joogsquad #doublesfordays #swc #partywave #santahatselfie

Apex always coming through with dopest boards! @mustycarlos surprising @mustyjoog with the Barney board! And surprising @mustymerk with the first Carbon JoogSquad board for his birthday! #joogsquad #skim #apex #hellyeah

Happy birthday @musty_mermin_the_merman just turned 21! Everyone should follow him for epic pictures and adventures! @Thanks for your support! Everybody is a little shaken and mind blown! We appreciate you! Joogsquad is standing strong! We all love you and miss you dude! Glad you're killin it in DC! #joogsquad @musty_mermin_the_merman @musty_mermin_the_merman

"Call me Steve O" That one time we filmed with Steve O for the day. Probably one of the most insane days the Joogsquad has had. @officiallysteveo @mustycarlos 🎥 @mustymerk #littlepot #steveo #joogsquad #jackass

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