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To my Big Brother , I love you dude. Words can't explain how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate you in every aspect. You have been there for me when literally no one has. You have been there to just listen to me vent and I've done the same for you. We are the same on so many different levels. Thank you for being who you are mickey. Thank you for guiding me , shadowing me and protecting me from all that you can. Thank you for being a huge influence in my life. You are the reason I have a huge love for so many things especially soccer. As a brother your job has been way beyond completed and I appreciate you. Thank you for all that you've done and all you do! 25 years OLD and still the greatest kid I know ! I love you big bro and Happy fucking birthday to you ! Enjoy this one !

When I got my first camera which was a Nikon D3000 like 5 years ago photography became one of my biggest passions ever. It was like something I've never did before. Capturing moments that at times you could only see once in a life time. My camera literally silenced out the world even if it was only for one picture. I then sold that camera a bought a canon rebel t3 which again filled that spot in my heart. I eventually let photography go and it faded out of my life. I now realized what photography did for me and I have decided to start that passion once again but way more serious then I was. So I have create an instagram where I will post what I encounter in my life but through a lens. I would love for who ever sees this to drop a follow on my new account @thejoeyluis the support is all I'm looking for to motivate me to keep my passion alive. So to whoever follows or has follow thank you so much and be ready to see what I see .. daily ! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


This right here is my pops and I and that smile still exist to this day when I get to spend time with him. Through the years we've had our ups and downs. Lots of things I didn't agree with that you did. Lots of things that upset me but through it all pops you're still one of best friends. No matter what it never fails when I'm excited to see you. No matter what so many things in this world that I have learned have been from you. I can honestly say I cannot sit with anyone in this world and just talk about Music , sports , life and so much more. pops you are one of my heroes and I thank you for that. For being such a big influence in my life. I can never repay you. The times we share are like no other. The laughs the jokes the commonalities we share are like no other and I cherish that. Today is your day pops and even tho I'm stuck at work just know I'm miserable cause I can't be enjoying this day with you but don't worry we will hit joes 😏 thank you for everything pops. I love you so much.

This woman right here is not only my beautiful mother but my best friend , my biggest motivator and the most influential person in my life. Mom the things you have done for me the time you have spent raising me to be the best man I could be is beyond anything I can ever do in my life. You are so selfless it's amazing. The time you have spent to make sure Nicholas , Mickey and myself are taken care of is out of this world. You have driven me to be the best man , best boyfriend and best big brother I can be and I thank you so much for that. This one is for you momma. I love you so much and I'm so grateful that god blessed me with such an amazing mother like you. I Love You Mommy. Happy Mothers Day ! πŸ’•πŸ˜

Nicholas Alexander , My sunshine , My life , My monster .. My Baby Brother. i love you more then life its self. You have brought a whole new level of love into my life and i'm so grateful for you everyday. I will protect you against everything and anything to my best ability. I will give you want you when you want it. You will never live a day with out living the same beautiful life mom gave to me. I will guide you down the road i should have went and i will make sure you grow up to be the best man you can possibly be. As your birthday inches closer and closer the younger i want you to get ( even tho you're only turning 3 ) i want you to stay my little munchkin forever. I love you kid and i never ever want you to forget that.



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