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@thefamilyghost_memphis is #mynewworstfriend for sending me this.

We call this a "full-circler." 34 years ago today a 16-year-old me saw R.E.M. deliver a stellar short set opening for the Police, Joan Jett and Madness in Philadelphia's JFK Stadium. The setlist on the left is from their Police gig a couple nights before at Shea Stadium. It appears they couldn't find any paper backstage so they wrote it on part of a beer box. Almost 19 years to the day later I found myself in a Seattle football stadium about to go onstage to play my first show drumming with The Minus Five (R.E.M.'s Peter Buck was on bass). Recent storage shed clean-up reveals we couldn't find any paper backstage so we wrote the setlist on a paper plate.

I recommend the Mr. Handburger.

1. Tickets for Scharpling & Wurster's 10/21 (late show) at Murmrr in Brooklyn are almost gone. Link in bio. 2. I will never get over this painting @randristplourde spotted in an Amsterdam doctor's office 6 years ago.

Look, I'm just as anxious as you are for me to go back on tour and give this madness a rest. Spotted during a three-hour trip yesterday.

This is the greatest use of an apostrophe that I've ever seen.

@weekendsports is #mynewworstfriend for sending this to me.

I know this is rapidly becoming the most annoying thing I do but… Spotted over the last five hours with help from Phil Morrison and @3lobed.

Spotted over the past 24 hours with assistance from @mayorjuan @bbcuppacoo and @danimal6000.

My heart raced when I read this passage in today's Mother Jones lid-blower. For the record: The Kerns wreaking havoc upon the fine citizens of Newbridge are named after Darlene Kern, an elementary school classmate of my brother.

Throwing back to 1992 and *shrimpler times. (*this is the worst thing I've ever done)

Our President is an unhinged white supremacist and our Vice President is in danger of being run over by the world's largest planters.

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