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New shows on(e) sale tomorrow!

Brooklyn! Tom and I will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of our first radio call ("Rock, Rot & Rule") with a live show on October 21st at the Murmrr Theater. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Ticket link in bio. Hope to see you there.

I fully believe people are just starting businesses so they can do this sort of thing. @sagey_monchomba is #mynewworstfriend for sending me this.

Summer Charlie Pierce gets the fuck DOWN.

We all know that 75% of all scripted entertainment is about stand-up comedy, but did you realize that 45% of all commercials are as well?

@katphilips is #mynewworstfriend for sending me this.

The abysmal @stephaniedrury is #mynewworstfriend for sending me this.

Phil Morrison is #mynewworstfriend for sending me this.

Posting this in celebration of the fact that, though I dropped sticks on three different occasions during "In the Craters of the Moon," I only ended a song too early once during the entire 3 1/2 week tour. I also like how JD has a Costello/Preslar thing going on here.

A couple times a year people tell me I resemble the man on the left. @pizzamcqueen is my new best friend for saying I look like the teenager on the right and you're all my enemies if you don't think my abs are that taut.

Just a caveat: I'm not in this, somehow.

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