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† TREN SETTER 🐉 GO GETTER †  ⠀ ▫️what we do in life... echoes in eternity🌎 ⠀ @ignite smoker🍁 @unnaturals_labs ⠀ ▫️code: ‘JON’ ⠀

5000 comments to unlock free ab program🔒

🚫2 and a half months clean and sober✅ 2018 was a shit show.. after my bicep surgery in February I got stuck on the pain meds for a few months and that spiraled into a year of abusing all kinds of shit and sunk into deep depression.

I dropped down to an all time low in September when I hit 185lbs at 6’4😔💔 Looking at my skeletor physique in the mirror - I realized the only one who could save me was MYSELF💝 I’m back up to 208lbs as of today and I’m definitely gonna go balls deep this year 🙌

At the end of the day you need to realize you’re the only one in control of your life and honestly if you don’t give a fuck about your wellbeing - no one else will🚫 If you’re in a low point in your life my advice for you is simply this: Stop feeling sorry for yourself and fucking take control🙌 LETS FUCKING DO IT THIS YEAR BRAHS💪 #TRANSCEND

🤷‍♂️some are made by the mold - others made to break it🤘 #trentribe

no corny new year caption for you guys.. In fact I didn’t even bother posting a pic at all... I know a lot of us has a rough year 2018. But let’s make this the year of silent WORK💪 a year of real sweat and tears. Not just validation from others. Pretty sad with social media growing so powerful in our society - our generation has become way too accustomed to that instant gratification and affirmation without realizing the WORK that goes with it💯

How will you be remembered when you’re gone?🙏

🌗The Half-Blood Prince💉

look guys: 🚫don’t live to be another victim struggling in the rat race🐁 - chasing all the wrong things and comfortable feelings that we‘re taught leads to ‘happiness’🥀

live with passion.
believe in destiny.

who would be interdasted in seeing the comeback cycle vlogged?🎥🐒💬💉

you be the shoulder she cries on & I’ll be the dick she rides on🧜‍♂️ @pursuefitness

lil roid nipple action goin on here

I miss the way I saw the world when I was young🖤

▫️joggers: @pursuefitness

who tryna out smoke me?😤😝 #plantbased

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