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† TREN SETTER 🐉 GO GETTER †  ♎️ 24 | 6'4 | Under 200lbs now🙁 🚵🏼‍♂️ @Jed_North Athlete | JON15 🏙 Los Angeles | CA ⠀ ⚜️products:

🔥preworkout of choice😌💯 #TB #MEDICATEDnDEDICATED

was attacked by 3 midgets this weekend - one of them got me in the eye🙄🎯

🧘🏽‍♂️Lighting my blunt I gazed into horizon, listening to the waves gently crashing - unchanging and monotonous as the sleeping souls in the city🌊🌃. The city lights flickered dimly, swallowed up in the seemingly impenetrable smog☁️.

What hope does a man's soul have here? ⛓️ In this materialistic society enslaved and consumed by a need for affirmation and acceptance - an insecurity caused by generations of brainwashing propaganda silently sown into the foundation of every family, person, and soul👼👹. An evil agenda confusing and distorting our understanding of the true meaning of love & respect🖤. Trapping us in a dark spiral, keeping us addicted to being defined by materialistic possessions💸🚙, and finding our self-worth in worldly feats📜🏆- and all this simply to "keep the economy growing", to keep feeding the beast which devours our humanity.

Yet far off in the distant I heard a voice calling:
"Awake, O Sleepers!"🗣

A Day at Venice Beach🌴🍟🏖️😝

🎥: @moonboy._

🧐what's something u wanna know about jon skywalker? #askmeanything - I'll try to respond to all the good comments👌

🧐why do you lift?

I've never claimed to be the best - that's just shit I've known since the start😎 #TRENSETTER #NONELIKEME

💆‍♂️out here pondering deep shit like... how is ASS vs. BOOBS even a competition?? Personally I'd pick a nice well rounded ass > any type of titties any day 🤷‍♂️...thoughts?

🐓Legs & abs only for another month🤢 I get a lot of questions regarding how to proportionally train legs so I'll create an aesthetic leg routine if enough people are interested - leave a comment/question if you want some leg gains😏🙏

First day back in the gym in a month. This past month has been somewhat of a spiritual wake-up call for me.💔 For the first time in 5 years I've been physically unable to train, or even properly wipe my ass with my right hand. 💆‍♂️Handicapped and lost in time and space off the pain meds I began to realize just how much I've been taking this Heavenly blessed body of a Demigod for granted - abusing my perfect genetics and misusing my God-given powers.
I've been smoking a pack of cigs a day since I was 17, started fucking with the sauce probably younger than I would suggest, using my immaculate physique to turn nuns into whores - 😪stroking the dick of my own ego in spiritual masturbation instead of taking care of my body and respecting this temple.
But the best part is this not the end of my journey - only the beginning✨ And I'm glad you guys are all here to witness the awakening of the mother fucking skywalker🙏 I'm not here to be your role model or an Instagram model with a fake life - I'm just a boy named Jon and this is my story. #theprodigalson

the week before my accident💯 sucks not bring able to lift yet but I'm finally gonna be focusing on legs (for the next 5 weeks) - they need to catch up anyways😂😭

the skywalker destiny..🌌

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