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Jon Olsson Delér  Youtuber, Skier, Entrepreneur and World Traveler! Follow me on my Vlogs that drops Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8pm on my youtube channel.

Last year I knew that building a Jungle Villa at @tampahhills was a dream in the making with an insane view and a 2km white sand beach with zero people on it below you, but at that point I did not know you had this right out front! 😳 Now I am head over heels in love with this place! ❤️❤️❤️ Seeing @jannid get the best waves of her life that I could be shooting from my future bed room feels unreal! 🙊 Still a couple lots left incase this sounds half decent! 😉 #DesignStartsNow #BuildingStartsApril #GoingAllInThisTime #WasScreamingAllAloneOnTheBeachWhenIWasFilmingJanniKillingThisWave🙊🙉🤣

Being able to visit some of the most amazing places on this 🌎 is by far the best part of our job! 💙 Especially after the past 6 months where we have traveled less than ever in the past 20 years! 😋 The down side is that a lot of these places have limited internet access and days often start at 5am and end at 11pm! So for the coming week we will have to make a few adjustments in our posting schedule to be able to not tell @benjaminortega to stay home and edit while we go to places like this. Thats just not an option! We do it together or we dont do it at all! 👊🏼 Next Vlog will drop on Thursday, the following Sunday and the next Tuesday and by that time we should be back on track! ❤️ BTWT photo is taken right out front our villa project at @tampahhills with not a single öeeson on a 2 km beach! Still a few lots left... 😳🙊#DontWorryEpicnessInTheMaking #FallingHeadOverHeelsForLombok #EmptyBeachesEveeywhere #IfBenniCantDoItNoOneCan #IfYouOnlyKnowHowHardTheGuyWorks #NeverSeenWorkWorkEthicsLikeThat #HeWouldRatherDieThanNotDeliverOnTime #HaveToThrowHisLapTopInThePoolToSaveHim #ThanksInAdvanceForYourUnderstanding

Welcome to Bali! ❤️❤️❤️ Due to an amazing amount of Jet Lag and pretty much no sleep the last two nights we are pushing todays Vlog until tomorrow! 😢 #HangInThere #DontWantToKillBenni #HeIsSuperHumanButNotFullyImortalYet #LovingLifeHere #LetsHopeForSomeSleepTonight! 😴

The way @cestnormal does product testing! 🙈 We expect things to go and happen fast but I dont think we expected @cestnormal to get 55k followers overnight! You guys are amazing! Who is ready for launch today? 🔥👊🏼🔥 #CestNormal #MaybeWeShouldHaveOrderedMoreStuff #DoneEverythingToMakeSiteNotCrash #LaunchDaysAreFunDays #TheEntireTeamAtFullFocus

@cestnormal Normal (ˈnɔːm(ə)l):
“Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”
Describes the opposite of who we are pretty well! 😉👊🏼🤣 @rickarddeler @jannid @benjaminortega Tomorrow is the day its happening! Follow @cestnormal For more updates! 👊🏼❤️👊🏼 #CestNormal #TwoYearsInTheMaking #AtleastItsWellTested #HopeEveeyoneLikesItAsMuchAsWeDo

Typical Olsson 4 week behavior...🙈
1. I would love to own a boat one day!
2. Maybe I should get a boat!
3. I want a boat!
4. I need a boat!
5. Looking at TransAtlantic records... 🤣🤣🤣 #WhyCantIBeHalfwayNormal #MaybeGetACaptainsLicenceFirst #BenniYouIn #LoveHowFarFromNormalIAm #CestNormal

We might only have been married for 4 months but today we are celebrating 7 years together! ❤️❤️❤️ Still remember the day here in Monaco 7 years ago when I asked her, does this mean that we are a couple now? Who would have though that 7 years later I am just as in love with this amazing amazing girl that I now also get to call my wife! ❤️ Since Its not that often you have a anniversary I thought that tomorrows Vlog should be a relationship advice/Q&A so hit us up with Interesting subjects and questions! #IloveYouJanni ❤️#DontWorryWillIncludeAMiniVlogAsWell #DoingEverythibgToAvoidThatHate 😡😉

Looks like I should not allow @benjaminortega to escape me and go on ❤️ @douchebags ❤️shoots to often! Looks like he is having way to much fun! 🤣😉👊🏼 But atleast he does make the brand new great looking Red bags look even better! 😉👊🏼❤️ #FromIdeaToPhotoshop #FromPhotoshopToReality #NothingMoreRewarding #OnMyAllTimeFavoriteList #GoBenniGoGo 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

Monaco yacht show was the worst event I ever attended! 🙈 Have not been able to think about anything but boats lately! 🤣 Must have drawn 500+ renderings of mofications I have in mind for different boats over the last week, this needs to stop and I think there is only one way to stop doing this... 💸💸💸 🤣
#MakeUpMyMindAndGetToAction #AtLeastThePassionIsThere #LearntAllThereIsToKnowAboutFastDayBoats #ConstructionMethods #BuildLimitations #SizeDifferencesETC #OnlyThingIDontKnowIsHowToBeACaptain 🤣

When you cut the roof of your G wagon and its starts raining when you get to Nice while furniture shopping! 🙈😳🤣🤣🤣🤣
New vlog online in a few mins! #CestNormal #WeMightBeStupidButWeDoSmileALot #NoRoofNoProblem #StillLikeNew #MaybeItsTimeToBuildAWunterRoof #HaveFunAndDontCareSoMuch #TheWorldsMostPatientWife 🤣 #LeoVegas

What a night last night at @influencerawardsmonaco ❤️💥🔥I am so honored to take home the ”Entrepreneur” category which feels amazing as this is probably the aspect of life that I am the most passionate about! I just love thinking of a million different ideas and how to make them come to life, so receiving this award among so many extremely driven/motivated/inspiring people was a true honor! Will make sure to look at this award when I have days when I am wondering what the hell I am doing and doubt all the crazy ideas I get! 🙏🏼 But that was not the only thing we got last night! @benjaminortega took home ”the Hope” version of the ”Art and Photography” category and to be honest, who could outdo this amazing person that I am honored to to not only call my partner but also one of my absolute best friends! 🤝 A huge congrats to the winner of ”Influencer of the year” that well deserved went to @muradosmann You guys truly create some amazing stuff! 👊🏼#AmazingToHaveSuchAnEventInMonaco #MeetingSoManyPeopleIFollowedForYears #FirstGalaEventWhereACameraWasNormal #SuchAnAmazingNight #FullVlogMonday

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