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Happiest of birthdays to my favorite person! We've been to hell and back and are closer than ever. I love you so much!!! Bestie nights with you have kept me sane even though we're both ridiculous. The friends that are queer together and climb mountains, stay together. #bestfriends #throwbacktocolorado

Look at the two cuddle bugs! They're the cutest! #pugglelove

Shoutout to @mtowers for putting up with all my craziness and stupid puns for three years now. He's the strongest person I know, and after all he's been through, he still is the first to crack a joke (albeit usually dark or sarcastic). He's my best friend, and I know he loves me even when he's rolling his eyes at something corny I said. Thanks for sticking with me! #oldmarriedcouple #gaylove

The album is finally out!! I'm so glad Melodrama is finally here (after nearly four years away) to give me life for the rest of the summer. @lordemusic is such an artist.

I'm not excited for this movie to come out or anything....she's only one of my favorites. #wonderwoman

I don't do #throwbackthursday often, but I'm having a good week. The left is my chest pump today and the right was after a chest workout two years ago when I was ridiculously lean and consistent. I'm not hating my progress at all and am happier now. 😬😬 Any day I work out is a step forward. #justkeepswimming #chestday #cliche

It's that day again!! I hope everyone enjoys the perfect date today. 🌞 #misscongeniality #april25th

I told Michael a bit ago that I love elephants, so apparently it became the theme when he picked out some of my bday gifts. He's the best! #26neverlookedsogood #oldfarts

When you and your bf share a deep love for puppers and send each other the exact same link within a minute of each other... So gross. #ourcyclesaresynced #grosscouplethings #whoarewe

Being an adult means I can spend my own damn money on the newest version to play a childhood favorite. #breathofthewild #nintendolife

She's coming back finally! Thank god. I need some new Lorde in my life.

When people shit on Ohio but you got Poké-hunting on the beach in February after work vibes. Tonight was absolutely gorgeous! So many puppers and an Onix nest! #thelittlethings #greatlakes

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