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Jonny Gorash  —Jesus is fullness of joy—Writer: @angelicmagazine—Kentucky ___________________________________________________


(09.15.17 / 07:55AM)
I was made for this; created to know Saturn's every tick. I probed the planet and taught the people to give them glimpses of its character: all its storms and sleeps, and whatever it is that lies beneath.
It drew me, though. Each day, it drew me. This behemoth force of power and beauty has pulled me oh so close. This day was inevitable and I knew that from the initial thrust from Earth's crust—but, there's nothing that can truly prepare you for it, no matter how many years I've spent out here, studying and searching it's mysteries. Yet, I find that this is half purpose and half providence.
I don't believe home is where you've come from, but where you're going. Home is that place that you were made for, and I was made for this: to burn up at 70,000 mph in Saturn's eternal embrace. You know, I wouldn't call it death and it's definitely not the end—it's just a change of form; I'll forever be in Saturn's breath.
So, this is goodbye and hello, for I will always exist.
Saturn, it's my time to burn; 'til we are one, burn it all away—all of me that man has made.

That they may become perfectly one — (John 17:23)
Info: @angelicmagazine
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| We tucked ourselves behind a cornfield somewhere in Kentucky to watch the sun disappear. As soon as it burst into a ring the town around us erupted in cheers and laughter. We ran, danced, and shouted for a couple minutes as the earth around us swelled with joy. We were surrounded by sunsets on every side and a wedding band hung in the sky overhead: it was a celebration, a promise, and only a taste.

Seven years from now, another eclipse will pass over America—do whatever you can to watch it in its totality. I know I will.
📷: @davidboyko_

| 6 |
There ain't enough dirt on this earth to bury me;
Six or sixty deep,
I'm coming back up.
Coming up from the dark
Where the pressure kills and the living can't see.
Six or sixty deep,
I'm being dug free
By hands that bleed for me;
Buried treasure sunk within a world of stone—

| Either a part of Him or apart from Him.

| B E H O L D |
I could see His breath;
Nebulas billowing
In this space so cold.
I could hear His voice;
Supernovae splitting
Through a vacuous void.
God, you are infinite;
Sifting the stars like sand
In the palm of your hand.
Lord, you are intricate;
For inside every droplet
A universe of atoms sit.
It all declares your glory
From beyond to beyond;
Behold the Lord your God
And be held by His bond.

| S K Y W A R D |
The greatest victory
Is defeat of self.
The strongest heart,
In a servant's chest.
The lowliest path
Is skyward bent.

// F U N C T I O N & B E A U T Y (this bike is not mine. i just think it is cool. carry on)


| Here's to all of the brilliant people I got to see and meet this weekend; you the real MVP's. Let's do it again.

| J U N K Y A R D |
We aren't machines.
We hurt, we heal.
Our hearts aren't
Salvaged parts
On the auction block.
We may be wrecked
And broken down,
But we can't be totaled.
We're junkyard kids,
Our souls welded together.
We'll live, we'll learn,
Because we're building
Something better.

| H E R O E S |
Just as cowards fall,
So the heroes will.
The courage is in rising
And riding farther still.

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