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Jonny Panic  Singer, talker, tinker, long walker. Thyroid junkie. Weird, wordy, indestructible.

Both are mine. We need to try hardrr. Get angry. Do good. Anger can create light. #ExIraLux: "From anger, light".

... and the family that tacitly encourages and empowers him. There it no excuse; I have no more time for monsters. If there was ever a time to pick a side, it's now.

Breakfast... buttered toast (vegan butter), tablespoon guac, tablespoon pico. Not shown: 6oz coffee, 10oz orange juice (half water, fluids but less carbs. Still good!), teaspoon chia seeds.

Finding the strength to speak up.

In case you are wondering about the moral and ethical compasses of @wintrust , I can affirm that the company uses privileged #white #bigots to do their dirty work. That is not hyperbole: I was helping move equipment out of one of their restaurant properties for a friend who had purchased it, and the office at 9801 W Higgins promptly sent THREE white office "authorities" to threaten me, specifically. It didn't matter that the vehicle they had issue with wasn't mine to move (they said they saw me get out of it, but they omitted the fact that they saw me get out of the PASSENGER side), nor did it matter to any of them that the person they should be talking to was the overseer of the property; they homed in on me, the tall, brown guy with the long hair, and immediately started threatening to call the #police and demanding we take equipment out the back when the item in question CLEARLY would not have fit (side note: they own the property and should have known this). Interestingly, their entire complaint would have been circumvented had they left us alone, letting us wrap up 20 minutes earlier, but they needed to put on a show of moneyed, privileged #whitesupremacy by zeroing in on me... #disabled, #sober, drug-free, with no criminal record and there to help a friend as a kindness... and ready to weaponize the #Rosemont police against me as an act of superiority. In retaliation for me asking their names, they DID call the police, who showed up after we had wrapped up, but in time to threaten and harass other people who were there to pick up equipment THEY had purchased that also would not fit out the back door.
If you're from the #KKK country of #Indiana (I'm from Indiana, I know what's out there), you'll love doing business with #Wintrust. If you have any significant moral compass concerning common courtesy and mutual respect or societal contributions OUTSIDE carefully-controlled, pre-packaged #charity efforts and media junkets, when they interact with the public directly and unsupervised, you may want to avoid Wintrust.

Why do people ask if I have ideation? I always have ideation. It's not even execution that's the issue. The problem is permanence. I never don't come back.

@kitchen17chicago serves up their special Southwest Burger, topped with chili, cheddar, salsa, jalapeños, and greens! #vegan #burger #comfortfood

@kitchen17chicago feeding me a killer BBQ cheddar burger and super-smoothie! And coffee, coz I NEED TO CAFFEINATE!!!

Alphabet soup on the brunch menu at @kitchen17chicago to warm up this chilly Sunday. :9

Folks from @msichicago toured PS1 yesterday and left behind the gift of 3d-printed dinosauruses!

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