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Jonni Cheatwood  painter. also, Los Angeles via arizona

the real detail is in the stitching & fabric

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lots goin on last nite in the nest

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"Jon Got Lil Kid Feet" here's another one of those (awful) paintings from 2013 that I ripped apart, put back together & making nu moves on. better. much better #jonnicheatwood #tappancollective #wip #contemporaryart #interiordesign #abstract #fabric #modernart

couple'a works in progress

studio visit with my dude @sentrock today. so much respect for this guy. his work is insane #birdcitysaints #phoenixkidsdoinit

i had my first solo show in Los Angeles in 2013 - and tbh the shit was bad, it was stretched poorly, the stretcher bars were uneven, etc. so I threw them all in storage after the show and called it a day. recently, I've been on this repurposing kick so I found these paintings, ripped em apart, sewed parts of them back together and I'm making them new

i don't always know how everything is going to work together when I'm sewing it. sometimes you strike gold

"Think I Got a Hip Pointer"


right now. rema hort mann foundation auction. Lotsa insane art in here

"Oh I'm Sorry, Did My Petite Feet Get in Your Way?" Did this a few days ago

sewed together a lot of scraps, stretched it & i kinda like em as is, maybe

this is a few months old now "You Look Like Someone Just Stole Your Yogurt"
96x72 inches