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Jonna Jinton  Artist, photographer and blogger. Living in the woods in the north of Sweden. Webshop/prints: www.artbyjonna.com Contact: contact@jonnajinton.se


Today it's the Swedish tradition "Midsummer" when we celebrate the summer and the light. We put flowers in our hair and sing and dance and have delicious dinners. It's a beautiful day. And I have made it a tradition to be out in nature the night before midsummer. So last night me and my love Johan went out to enjoy the bright night. Moments like this is what real midsummer is to me. Happy Midsummer everyone. Lots of love ♡
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In collaboration with Samsung. 
Creativity isn't made to be kept inside frames. Our life isn't meant to be controlled by old habits or patterns blocking us from living fully.
Most of us have habits that we want to change. Dreams and goals that we want to achieve. No matter what it is, sometimes taking that step can feel huge and that dream almost impossible to reach. But these last 7 years in my life really gave me a lot of experience when it comes to breaking barriers and exploring life outside the frames.

In my collaboration with @samsungsverige and the Galaxy S8 I have this month talked about this subject that I feel so passionate about. I now want to share some advices that I’ve learned from when I've breaking my habits to reach my goals and dreams in life.
1.Have a clear vision. What in life is it that you want to change? What are the old habits you want to break, or what barriers are holding you back? And what do you want to replace these old habits with? Write it down! Having a clear vision of your dream or goal is a very good start.
2. The power of now. It's very easy to think that later is a better time to start making changes. ”When I feel more ready” or ”When I have more money” or ”When I have more time” etc. These excuses can last a lifetime. Now is the right time.
3. Surround youself with people that believe in you. People that inspire you to do what you love, no matter how crazy or weird it is.
4. They key is positive thinking. It’s not just an cliché. It is a huge difference in whether you think of your goal or dream with a negative or positive feeling. How do you feel when thinking of what you want? Do you feel low, sad or bitter because you have not yet reached your goal? Or do you feel joyful, excited and curious when thinking of the goal/dream you wish for? Again, positive thinking is the key.
5. Let go of fear. Always make sure your dream of succeeding is stronger than your fear of not succeeding.
Do you have any good advice that you want to share? Let's inspire each other to break barriers and to let our colors expand out of the frames.
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The summer solstice is very special to me, just as the winter solstice. Even though they are the total opposites to each other, the light and the darkness, they bring the same feelings in me. It's almost as if I feel a presence of some kind. And I feel a sort of respect to nature. As if the spirit of light just woke up from it's deep sleep. I don't want to disturb. Don't want to talk. Just want to be there in that moment, to observe the dance of light. To marvel the mystery of life.
#summersolstice #summersolstice2017 #brightnight #visitsweden #swedishmoments #folksouls #ig_naturelovers #nordic #medieval #fairytale #mystery #viking #mystical #ig_masterpiece #exploretocreate #musephoto #danceoflight

June is the month when I get the least sleep. But I just don't want to miss these bright nights. It is such a magical experience to spend a night out on nature when it looks like this ♡
#swedishmoments #visitsweden #ig_naturelovers #exploretocreate #brightnight #summernight

I am speechless after reading all comments on my last post. I just think it is so beautiful when people open up and share thoughts and feelings with one another. From my heart, thank you. I will spend some time later to answer your comments. I hope you all will have a beautiful weekend. Lots of love ♡
#rainbow #swedishmoments #visitsweden #ig_naturelovers #igscandinavia #awesomeearth

In collaboration with Samsung.
I was 21 years old when I took my first step outside the frames. I lived in one of the biggest cities in Sweden, and I thought I was suppose to dream of an own apartment. A nice job. Saving money and traveling the world. Spending my weekends on the club with friends. 
Non of this was what I really wanted. I felt this urge to start creating the life I was dreaming of. Not the life I thought I should dream of.
I dreamed of a life in a little house with a woodstove in the middle of the woods. A life close to nature, with changing seasons and total silence. I dreamed of being alone, but with the company of a dog. I dreamed of dancing mist over quiet lakes and nights so dark you could see the milky way rising along the sky. I dreamed of living that simple life, and give more space and time to let the creativity grow inside of me.
After many years of longing, I did not only broke one frame, or one habit. I broke every frame and every pattern in my whole life. I left the apartment, i quit school and moved 1000 km to the north. To this little house in the forest, with a woodstove. And a dog. 
I had no plan, no job and not much money. But I had a dream. And from that dream, I managed to slowly, day by day, building up that life I dreamed of.
Seven wonderful and though years have passed since then. And there is nothing I feel more passionate about than inspiring other people to listen to the voice of their heart and break these frames that tells you what is possible or not. Anything is possible. That is why I love to do this collaboration with @samsungsverige and Galaxy S8. We share the same vision of breaking barriers and leaving old habits to explore the infinite possibilities of life outside the frames.
During this month I will tell you more about my story and share my experiences in how to break your habits. Do you want to break any habits to change your life? Or have you any experience in getting out of these frame holding you back? I would love to hear your story! ♡
#breakyourhabits #galaxys8 #unboxyourself #samsunggalaxys8 #visitsweden #scandinavia #musephoto #ig_naturelovers #mistylake #visitsweden #exploretocreate #folksouls

The smell of newborn birch leafs. It is just the best smell i know. So sweet and so fresh. Last night in the studio I opened ny window to smell the rain and birch, and to listen to the song of the nighbirds. I felt so lucky to have all this amazing nature just outside my window.
What is your favorite smell and favorite sound? ♡
#birch #birchtree #björk #spring #swedishmoments #visitsweden

These were the first little flowers that came this summer. Since they are so common I never seem to really notice them. But because they came first this year, i felt like they were the most beautiful flower ever. So simple. After a long winter it always feels like I get to experience spring and summer in a new way, every year. It's never the same. Constantly changing, just like nature itself.

After rain comes mist. I love rainy days in june, because as the night are getting closer, the sky gets clear and the wind disappears. It is as if someone hit the "turn off" button. Everything gets so still and quiet. And then, the earth takes deep breaths as the mist begins to dance through the bright night.
#mist #june #dancingmist #magical #swedishmoments #visitsweden #juninatt #midnight

In collaboration with Samsung.
I feel so excited to tell you about my collaboration with Samsung Galaxy S8 and their vision which is about breaking barriers and take the leap to get out of those old frames of fears holding you back. To feel the power within and challenge yourself to really take that first step to follow your dream. This subject is something that is so very close to my heart. 
Just as the Galaxy S8 got out of the frames and challenged old ways of thinking, I forced myself to do the same to be able to create the life I dreamed of.

In my collaboration with @samsungsverige and the new innovative Galaxy S8 I will this month tell you more about my story and experiences. And hopefully, together with Samsung, inspire you to "Unbox Yourself". Do you have any old habits you would like to break? Do you feel like you are stuck in a frame holding you back? Please share your thoughts, and we can together make this a month to feel inspired to get out of that box. 
In my blogpost you can read more thoughts about this subject and my first impressions of this new phone. Link in bio.
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A pink sky and dancing mist. This is what I love most about the magical nights in june.
#june #mist #swedishmoments #visitsweden #igscandinavia #mystical #forest #folksouls #exploretocreate #scandinavia #night #brightnight

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