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J O N N A J I N T O N  Artist, photographer, singer and blogger. Living in the woods in the north of Sweden. Contact:

So, another summer have passed. The green fields are turning yellow, and it's time for my cow Stjärna to go back to the farm during the winter.
Every evening this summer I sang songs for her and brought some treats. She is so friendly and adorable.
This was the last night with Stjärna, before she went back. I called for her and as always she came running. Then I sat there singing for her and watched her until the sun went down.
I am so thankful for all the beautiful moments we got this summer.
Of course I will go visit her on the farm during the winter. But I will still miss her so much ♡
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In a collaboration with @photowall_sweden I have now released my second collection of wallpapers of my photos. This collection is named Northern Wilderness and all the 30 different photos has a very special meaning to me. All of them are taken by my favorite places around the north of Sweden.
Swipe to left to see some examples of the collection. And if you want to check it out, you find the link in my bio ♡
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Right now my heart is so strongly longing for the mountains in the north. It happens every autumn and spring. So, I will follow the feeling. Getting myself ready for a roadtrip.
I can't wait! ♡

Have you ever heard about Näcken? The shapeshifting water spirit that are very common in the stories of nordic folklore.
He can appear close to waterfalls, lakes or rivers, and he plays the most beautiful music you can ever imagine.
But be careful. His music is spellbounding and hypnotizes the victims to walk into the water and drown.
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Time to rise up again.
But don't wait for the sun. Be the sun.

All my lovely Swedish friends and followers, the yearly campaign of @varldensbarn (Children of the world) have started, where we get together to collect money for children all over the world, that needs us the most. •You can find the link to my fundraising/insamling in the bio!•
Even the smallest amount can make a huge difference, and save the life of a child ♡
I am so very thankful for any kind of contribution to this important campaign. .
Unfortunately the site can only take donations from Sweden. But if you feel inspired to help from another country, you can always find aid agencies like the Red Cross or Unicef. .
Preparing for this campaign was actually so much harder than I first thought it would be. Even though I already knew that the situation in our world is bad right now, I actually didn't know it was THAT bad.
The first day as I was reading and getting some info about Världens Barn and how they work with aid agencies, I cried many times. Just reading the sentence that 15 000 children under the age of 5 years, dies every day... Its so heartbraking I actually start cry right now as I write this :,( These last days I've felt so sad and down because of all the injustice in the world, and that poor children has to suffer because grown up people can't stop fighting about land, religion and money.
How I wish we could just start accepting each other and share the planet we live on.
Knowledge about the situation is hard to handle, but I am sure its also a step forward. To realize that we need to help each other even more.
We need to step up the game ♡

Thank you with all my heart for taking the time to listen ♡
#världensbarn #radiohjälpen @sverigesradiop4 #sverigesradiop4 #varldensbarn

Sometimes it's so wonderful to just be a viewer. An observer of the life around you. To just forget yourself for a while and totally absorb the moment.

Ever since I was really young, I felt something deep in my heart when watching the drawings of the Swedish illustrator John Bauer (1882-1918). His illustrations awakened a feeling that gave me a lifelong impact on what the forest means to me.
He gave life to the stories of the mystical forests and all it's creatures and spirits living there.
And when I became interested in photography I immidiately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to take photos that gives the same magical feeling to people as John's illustrations did to me. I wished to be able to carry on a glimpse of his magic into my work. It's always been my dream.
And since then I've spent endless hours in nature, trying to catch the soul of the deep woods. And at the same time, I got to be in there aswell, experience all the magic and fill my heart with the most breathtaking scenes and blissful moments.
I am so thankful that my parents had a book with John Bauer's illustrations when I was young. Its been a huge inspiration to me ♡
#johnbauer #magic #forest #inspiration #fairytale

Last night we had a huge northern light dancing all over the sky here. I had already gone to bed when I looked out the window and saw the well known light moving like a flame among the stars. Me, Johan and our dog ran out to watch the spectacular dance. No matter how many times I've got to see northern lights, it never cease to surprise me with its magical colors and movements.
I feel so lucky to be able to see this right before I fall asleep. And how wonderful to know that the season for northern lights only just begun ♡
Have you seen northern lights? Or is it on your bucket list to see it someday?
#northernlights #auroraborealis #visitsweden #scandinavia #northernlight

I've got my voice back. I can sing again. And it feels as if I got a part of my soul back. For over a half year I have not been able to sing. No songs and no kulning (herdingcall).
It's been a sorrow. As if I lost something very dear to me. Something I use to express myself and something I need to be able to create music that I wish will bring some peace to people.
And I couldn't understand why. The more I tried, the worse it became.
I was just about to accept the fact that I might never get my voice back as it once was.
At the very same week as I let go of all the heavy feelings and pressure regarding my music and the job with my album, my voice came back.
Stronger than ever.
The heavy feeling in my troath was gone.
Once again, life teached me an important lesson.
That we can never, ever create anything truly beautiful with a heart heavy of pressure and with our own high expectations on ourselves. A stressful mind is not a highway to accomplish something faster. We just block the way for the energy and inspiration to flow free.
Learning to let go is a lifetime lesson I guess. But I have seen how life can just switch in the same moment as we let go of fear of not doing and being enough.
All we ever wanted to be, we already are.
#kulning #musicforthesoul #inspiration #backtotheroots #herdingcall #visitsweden #scandinavia #forest

Autumn is a time for our souls to reborn. For our roots to grow deeper into the earth. And for our minds to expand above the clouds.
A time to rise up, and take a first breath outside our comfortzone.

Dancers of the night.

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