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Jon Mattox  Composer | Drummer | Sound Designer Trailers, tv, film, games, & ads. Digital art and DSLR enthusiast. Listen to some of my studio drumming:

Speaking of Steve Jordan inspiration, this is one of the most bad ass music performances in tv history. A firestorm of pure raw energy. #NeilYoung #SNL #1989

For a while now I’ve been collecting vinyl versions of albums I only ever had on cd. The ones that had some significant impact on me as a musician.
In this case, Talk Is Cheap was the album that helped straighten my head out about what playing a groove means and sounds like. And you’d be hard pressed to find someone that can groove the way Steve Jordan does.

On a different note, some people have said I look like a young Keith Richards. I see no resemblance lol.

Everything is up and running again thank god. Nothing like a system drive crash to make you thankful for cloning drives. Thankful too that it was only a drive fail and not a computer fail.

@lowness sampled my Instagram drums from today and did this jam with an PO-33. Love it. Said sampled drums video is two posts back.

All work has come to a screeching halt.
Swipe left ugh.

Why practice what you already know how to play? Here’s a hands together pattern that appeared today over a syncopated ostinato with the feet. A work in progress for sure, but heck I’ve never played this groove before today.

Drum Greek Post: From the 7 pattern yesterday came this melodic idea on the Rototoms. After listening it turns out to be a long count of 15, and I have no idea how that happened.

To me, practicing isn’t all about rudiments and reading, and I believe in “practicing” in practical musical ways. I’ve been developing a special “hands together” technique whereby both hands play the same basic pulse. The technique focuses a lot on the left hand, and coming up with musical ideas (like playing melodies on rotos) to give the left hand more movement. To get away from the heavy backbeat dominance role that it typically plays.
Said technique is in second half of video. Just an iPhone recording but you’ll get the idea.

Drummer Geek Post: Spontaneous sticking 4-7-19. Stumbled upon this while working on double strokes. It’s a good workout for the left hand esp at a faster tempo. Check previous post for a little on the drums.

Drummer Geek Post: Spontaneous sticking pattern 4-7-19. I stumbled upon this while working on double strokes. This could be taken to all kinds of places melodically around the kit. Just getting a handle on it at the moment. See the next post for the sticking pattern.

Manual master fades > Automatic fades.

Not quite as effective listening on an iPhone speaker, but it’s a good idea to check it there too.

While making subtle groove variations in search of the one that feels best. In this case it was sliding into upbeat high hat accents.
This was warming up listening to Fluffy Little Clouds by The Orb. iPhone drum recoding only here

More music posts soon but for now here’s a little sketch I did in #ArtMatic.

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