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Jonathan Pineda  The account of YouTuber Jonathan Pineda from. Pics from his day-to-day craziness of living, working, and just having fun.

So glad that I finally got my hands on these. Upped my EDC game #FieldNotes

"Beacon of Light", Night version.

Out and about in Pacific Centre.

Welcome to Raincouver.

Always fun exploring downtown... And seeing everyone modeling for photos 😂 (And yes... This is completely not like my usual photos)

Feels like my line of thought during a cold city walk.

Been a while since I posted food. Was starting to think I only cared about flaunting things I own or the "crazy" places I've been to. It's health(ier) to be narcassistic about something different every once in a while, don't you know?

I'll be honest... This photo took way more tries than I care to admit...

I copied @yuumeiart for this photo, which might sound weird because they are an illustrator and this is a photo. #Yuumei has this enriched colour palette in their drawings, with a lot of bright greens, blues, and oranges. It almost looks neon but it feels like a diservice to call it that. I tried to copy it in this edited photo but I prefer darker blues so changed that for my use. This is probably the most pompous art thing I have ever said or done...

Join by expressing yourself with faceless expression

I was wondering how I could show how people perceive me, since that was part of my identity as well. Thankfully the answer was gifted to me. This Christmas I was given two (long) vials of matcha and a Travel Tea Mug with a built in Matcha Maker/Tea Infuser from my cousin and uncle. I mean, at the very least, it shows that they know I like to travel and I prefer tea. Those are basic facts about me, but it still is nice to see people get something based on that. The colour is perfect too and, though it probably says more about (how awesome) the person who gifted it, they knew I would (greatly) appreciate getting my gift in something as different as real glass vials with real corks and everything. I guess I'm what trying to say, it's good that my family can understand me.

Every once in a while, there's a beacon of light in downtown.

This is Felicity. I do a very poor job of taking care of her.

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