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Jonathan Haas  Husband to @stephnhaas, designer at Davis Architects, at home in Birmingham, AL.

Your daily moment of zen.

Blue confetti all around yesterday as we let our families know a baby boy is headed our way. Accepting applications for prearranged marriages now. Thanks for the photo @jakedavis.

Remember that time Stephanie wasn't pregnant? Those were good times. But now she's got Baby Haas in the oven and things are about to get way, way better.
See ya in August, Baby Haas.

Working on some new techniques with some new equipment and I'm super excited about the possibilities. This was from last night's sunset at @railroadpark. Still have so much to learn but I'm working out the kinks. @syrp_

Sometimes film cameras don't work like they're supposed to and sometimes those screw ups end up being better than the "correct" photo.

Doesn't get much more palatial than the Palace of Versailles and its Hall of Mirrors. Also, doubtful there is a better place to witness an absolutely stupid amount of selfies.

St Peter's Church, Upper Slaughter

If you ever visit England, we can't recommend a trip to the Cotswolds enough. Walking around The Great Tew and the Slaughters was absolutely incredible.

Sainte-Chapelle, the royal chapel in the Palais de la Cité, featuring never-ending stars and stained glass.

A little over three weeks ago, @stephnhaas and I were strolling along ancient corridors and eating our fair share of pastries. Wishing we were back there today.

Sometimes work trips have serious perks, such as visiting the Air Force Academy's chapel. Designed by Walter Netsch and completed in 1962, this will go down as one of my favorite architectural experiences to date.

The weekly Drama Free Friyay Ride™ isn't guaranteed to be easy, but @j0hnand3rs0n, the Friyay Czar, does guarantee an experience worthy of the Kings of Drama.
If you have no idea what any of that means, don't worry. Just know that John is the boss. #yashica #delta3200 #instagrambham #searchandstate #rapha #dramakingsbhm #shootfilm #filmphotography

Smyer Road, a good crew, and early morning descents on a recent shoot with @jordanmahy. Forgive Carson and his ridiculous Oakleys. #mamiya6 #portra #portra400 #instagrambham #dramakingsbhm

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