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Saturday night was a blast! @garthbrooks put on an incredible show. Favorite country artist from when I was a kid and still my favorite now! Thanks @ariel_crook for being my date 😘

Happiest of birthdays to the amazing, beautiful, kind, courageous and thoughtful woman I get to call my wife. Life would not be the same without you and I'm so thankful you were born so we can spend our lives together. Thank you for loving me and accepting my love for Little Caesars. I love you more and more each day! Happy birthday my love 😘

Happy birthday to @walcholibre one of my best buds. This picture captivates one of the many qualities this dude has....making you laugh uncontrollably. Love ya dude! #chefcurry #release #dizydawg #damnnnnnnWalterrrrr

Happy birthday to this fool. Best man and best friend he's always been there. Love this dood like he loves Papa Johns pizza. Happy day of birth buddy! #papajohns #hemaynotbewearingpantsbutwhoknows #texas4ever #chipotleismaxslife

Thinking about the events in this picture and feelings that day brought when the love of my life said yes. The journey of wedding planning and the engaged life has been wild and amazing but today marks 30 more days until we we get married! Each day brings more and more excitement and I CANNOT WAIT to party it up with all of our friends and family! Love you @arielmoreland! Can't wait to marry you!

Happy day of birth to the guy who always knows how to have a good time. With whatever objects he may find laying around. His name is @will.chappell and he likes to party. Happy birthday buddy! Love ya man! Couldn't imagine life without ya!

Selling this bad boy if anyone is interested. Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Barely used. Hit me up for more details! #InstaSize

Happy birthday to my love @arielmoreland today! My baby, my love, my encouragement, my fiancé and soon to be future wifey. I cannot imagine a life without this girl and cannot wait to begin a life with her. I love you! #idontexactlyknowwhatsgoingoninthispicture

Happy Mother's Day to @rosemcrook the woman in the picture with that awesome girl mullet! I wouldn't be who I am today without your love, patience and continued encouragement. I love you so much and miss you! Hope you have an amazing day!

So....guess this means we are gettin hitched. Yeehaw!

Hey come here often?? #cupofbae

Happy Valentines Day to this amazing lady. Everyday is a blessing to have someone so kind, beautiful and adventurous in my life. You make life so much better. Thanks for being my lady 😘

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