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Jon Contino  A career retrospective BRAND BY HAND out on Abrams Books now!!! Chief Creative at @continostudio 💀

Recap video from last Thursday’s event at @psqsshop!!! Great job by @no.1special on the video and thank you to everyone involved!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to @psqsshop and the city of Philadelphia for being so awesome last night. Thank you all for coming, for waiting in the cold and for being super welcoming to an obnoxious kid from New York. Thank you to @truehandsociety for letting me hang for the afternoon, to @plymouth_fan for knocking out THREE tattoos on my left arm before the event started, and most of all thank you to my Philly family at @psqsshop for always being amazing and throwing a seriously memorable event and the best way I could’ve asked to end the 2018 Brand By Hand book tour. And I need to say that Philly has just stepped up to become my second favorite city behind NYC. You’re all real, you all care, and you do it with style. Philadelphia is the city people should be talking about right now in terms of the amount of creativity being pumped out of one small place and it’s still so low key. Thank you Philadelphia! I’ll be back soon!

See you tomorrow Philly! I’ll be at @psqsshop at 6pm for my last event of 2018! Come by and say what’s up!!!

Philly!!!! I’m gonna be at @psqsshop this Thursday from 6-9pm for a lecture and book signing!!! This is my last stop of 2018 and I’m very excited that it’s with my Philadelphia family at the one and only Ps&Qs!!! RSVP to to claim your seat. There’s only 50 spots and they’re almost all gone! See you there!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ve had a lot to be thankful for this year, but thank you all so much for your support with the book release, the podcast, the agency launch and everything else. It really means a lot to me and I have you all to thank for it! I hope you and your families all had a great Thanksgiving, will have a better holiday season and an even better 2019!!! Always moving forward!!!

Signed copies and BRAND BY HAND merch available and shipping now!!! Head to for all the action! 🖐

This is my Uncle Willy. He’s a funny, talented, and caring man—someone that everyone loves being around. He loves his family more than anything and has always been good for a wise crack or ten. The amazing team at arranged for my uncle and me to sit down at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum where we discussed a part of his life I was told never to ask him about. The day that he partook in the largest seaborne invasion in history that began the liberation of northwestern Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. D-Day. He talked about being dropped on the beach armed with nothing but his own two hands with not only the intent to survive, but succeed in defeating true forces of evil. He was a young kid back then with an entire lifetime ahead of him and this experience made him realize one important thing: you can never dwell on the past. Don’t look back, always march forward. I’m proud of the sacrifices my uncle (and his brothers) made during WWII. My family were Italian immigrants who barely had a neighborhood to call their own before they were sent back across the Atlantic Ocean fighting for American freedom. I think about people like my uncle who fought in WWII all the way to friends I’ve made over the years still fighting to this day, and regardless of what’s happening here at home, we must always remember that this life doesn’t come easy. It’s thanks to people like this that we have an opportunity to pursue a life of good health and happiness. Thank you to all the past, present and future veterans out there and I personally hope that their sacrifices do not hinder them from coming home and experiencing the lifestyle they fought so hard to protect. Please take some time to check out the site and see what they’re doing to give back to those who give everything for us.

Thank you to @capitalregionadfed and @aigaupstatenewyork for having me tonight and for everyone coming out to talk life and design!!! Albany was a good time and the students really know how to say hello NY style! 🖕

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