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Jonathan Whitener  chef/owner of @hereslookingatyoula Los Angeles, CA I make food that tastes alright!

The red child approves of the waffle! #hlayforever

It’s insane to think about how 2 years ago my partner and I opened this place together. It’s been a fucking crazy ride that hasn’t stopped challenging us every step of the way. I’m truly proud of my entire team at HLAY (past and present). They are the soul of the restaurant. I’m really fucking bad at writing sentimental shit, but again I couldn’t be happier and I’m so proud of this place and what it has grown into. It’s a plus that I get to own it alongside one of the greatest women I’ve ever know, my lil sis @lientigre #ADBCOMINGSOON #hlayforever

HAPPY 4th!!!

Current Mood!

Sometimes when I’m bored I make tiki fishing float lamps. This ones the just slightly larger then a basketball. #tiki #tikibar the float is from an estate sale, made from fiberglass. The fishing net I found off the coat of Santa Barbra years ago. The cork floats come from a old large link of cork floats I found at a garage sale in HB.

Really with this shit!? This is Reagan era bullshit all over again. The “Star Wars” program in 1984 lost the American people over 200 billion in tax payer dollars. Let’s see how much this orange clown is going waste! #makeamericanotdumbagain

MY QUEEN! Siouxsie And The Banshees - Spellbound 1981

Home is where the heart is! I love you TIKI TI’s

The boys! These clowns we’re my lead hotline cooks at my first chef de cuisine job at @animalrestaurant ! They are all now chefs de cuisines and I feel like a proud ass papa! 👨🏻‍🍳 @_bradleywatson_ chef of @animalrestaurant @_chrisrequena_ chef of @wexlersdeli @jamesamartinez_ chef of @hereslookingatyoula #baqb #skinnybrad #zombie

Newish morning ritual! @thegoodsmart got that jet fuel 🔥 #neighbors

I started listening to @postmalone and @thehollywoodhog burrowed his head under his blanket! What a hater! 🐗

Crazy! I have no words that can express the sadness I feel right now! Rest In Peace big dog! 💔

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