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Jonathan Van Meter 

Please don’t make Instagram about Trump and abortion rights and fucking Alabama. Instagram is Life magazine. It’s a visual medium. Post photos and write really thoughtful or funny or touching captions. Think human interest stories. Or like @realaimeemann’s incredibly fascinating duck saga. Save your exhausting outrage for Twitter. PLEASE? I will bake you a cake and send up the flag if you agree to follow this rule

I bought this insane 🤪 bunny for my sister @katevm5 because I call her bunny and she loves bunnies 🐰

What a fucking weirdo this cat is

On the other hand: just scored this amazing piece of awesomeness from Nancy Housner, mother of Sondra!

Just found out this dogwood—my favorite tree—was planted in 1965, which means it’s YOUNGER THAN I AM. WTF?

Wrote about this miraculous, talkative fellow @virgilabloh for the June issue of Vogue (link in bio)

That’s a lot a menu 🤓

Also: it’s rall pretty here today

Lamps that look like plants are aka PLAMPS. Thank you @keiradeara6

BAM! 🎾

Having a gay sister is one of the greatest joys of my life. Neither of us are gender fluid or la la la blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda: WE ARE GAY. #justbegay

Birthday: Go!

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