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Jonathan Saar  Just another nerd who loves digital marketing. Business account @MarketMeSocial It's all about #TheU #JW


Today was another classic example of the power of reading the Bible in the language of your heart. The publishers in our group often have Bible studies in this format. At a business...In between customers...Jehovah has a purpose in opening up opportunities and we are seeing that in our Gujarati group. This gentleman understood today God’s name યહોવા and used it. We are very thankful for the videos in Gujarati. Super helpful tools for all of us as we keep working on our language skills.

Epic fantasy football showdown taking place this weekend. 6-1 vs 6-1. Husband vs Wife. Should be riveting!!

Evening worship

Morning worship.

MINE - a short story by Flock of Seagulls
Once upon a time a human was sitting quietly eating his lunch when unbeknownst to him a gang of seagulls was covertly conspiring to rid him of said lunch. Here is the inferred commentary.
Commander Gull: ok everyone. We will deploy the diversion and grab sequence gamma 2. Beek you take point and squawk in front of the human. Peck and Peep.. you flank Beek and look innocent. When his guard is down I will employ dive bomb maneuver Alpha 7....come from behind and blast his lunch out of his hand. Any questions?
Flock of Seagulls: got it sir. Hopefully he will run so far away.
Commander: we shall see. The focus is his lunch. Ready squad??!! Let’s do this.
Flock of Seagulls was quite successful in its mission. The human did not run so far away but his lunch did.
The End. #Destin #Stories

Morning worship-JS style. So refreshing to hear news that is refreshing and upbuilding. The other channels are all divisive. Our brothers and sisters rock. #jw Jehovah Rocks

Swipe left 👈👈👈 Another theocratic milestone. This was one of our couple goals 25 years ago and we made it happen today. Super Bonus- our little girl joined us. On to the next goal! #jw All praise and honor to our Great God Jehovah.

Beautiful day for the ministry!

Nice feature #waze is offering

#irma now a Cat 5. A lot of the same conditions are present like they were in 2005. Be safe everyone. Prepare well. Listen and obey.

Love my big boy. Putting the personal interests of a cat ahead of his own. Such a fine canine example. (Until I whisper the secret command) 🤣🤣🤣insert evil laugh.

Tough to get everyone in the picture. First regional for our Gujarati group. English convention but a first for us a group. We met other friends from the Nepali, Telegu, Persian, and the Khmer group. Looks like a Twi and Bengali group (pregroup) are also starting. So fantastic to see the friends dress in native attire. Very encouraging to everyone at the convention. #jw #jwconvention

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