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This look on Emmy’s face. #bestfriends

The things this girl does. We’re in so much trouble.

I love her

I’m not sure what inspired the Vietnam flashback look on my daughter’s face but I’m glad to see she’s having fun at preschool.

My dog might be a peeping Tom

In October I ripped out the ugly old-people built-ins (pic 2) that were in my home office. My idea was to do floating shelves all the way across but the wood alone was going to be over $1,000 so instead I had to be a bit more creative/cheap. I had to biscuit join 8 shelves together and had to do different supports instead of floating ones. It didn’t come out perfect and like most websites I make, it still came in way late and over budget but I’m still proud that I did it all myself with a little bit of help from the wifey. Next step is replacing the carpet, installing trim and decluttering a little more but overall I love it.

When you really like the jams at Chipotle.

Today’s prize for 💩

The obvious thing to do with a discarded kitchen cabinet is to throw a pizza blanket on top of it and make it a bed.

When your toddler beats you to the baby’s room.

1. God 2. Family 3. Brisket

She’s always on the move now. Please ignore the dirty dog prints on the floor.

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