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Jonathan Gudino  Conscious in living&Designing🎨 Playing Bedouin Music 🎶 Fabricating Art 🛠 Decorating🛋Homes🏡 Stages🎦 Deserts🌵&Festivals Music Curator 🎡✨🇲🇽🧘🏻‍♂️🎶🎧💡☀️🌛

Packed light.. #lessismore. 😉)*(

Bye LA see you next month.

Adding extra Kushin 😊

4hrs ..custom seat custom box custom kickstand. Reno here I come. #ontheroadwiththemayans

Burn talk over da sunset. ✨

It’s all about the detail..Dreams 😍✨

Shoutout to this rad dusty family. #fambam #goals ✨🙌🏻❤️

#tbt Custom dinning room table I made for art inspired home. #earthtable #venicebeachcarpentry #reclaimedwood #earthelement

#tbt with da MW Crew ❤️💪🛠 #besttimeofmylife.

@_mayanwarrior_ Adventures with @le_borte non-stop funn!

Da office. @_mayanwarrior_ ✨🎶🇲🇽


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