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Jonathan C. Lacy  God of mercy, sweet love of mine I have surrendered to your design May this offering stretch across the skies And these hallelujahs be multiplied


Thank you for standing for truth, and loving your enemies #MLK

Dear Mr. President,

Because we believe that God ordains the rulers over the nations, we respect you and the stewardship of the office you hold. As one of the most powerful men in the world, your words wield a powerful impact. We know that many times, those of us who were not present only get a distortion from the press regarding any conversation that occurs. However, we would like to appeal to you, for the sake of unity in our great nation, to think of Haiti in a different light.

Your words as reported are especially disheartening to us, because today is the eight-year anniversary of the historic earthquake that devastated these people with death and destruction beyond measure.

As we reflect on the past, we remember the pain and loss that came out of this tragedy. Mothers who lost daughters and sons, and children who lost fathers and mothers—all human beings made in the image of God.

Mr. President, we long to see God make America great again and the nation of Haiti as well. The earthquake does not define Haiti, but we will always remember. God is bringing forth hope from the rubble. We are seeing tangible healing and rebuilding that is taking place on this island that He deeply loves.

We’d love for you to come with us to experience firsthand the hope and resilience of this beautiful country.

Mission of Hope, Haiti

One of the biggest blessings God gave me is friendship #LookAtAllThisNeatness

Thankful for a great sky, greater friends, and the ability to pretend to know how to play golf.

My favorite part of Curious George is where he climbs a tower and hits planes out of the sky #TheBookIsAlwaysBetterThanTheMovie

Josiah: You wanna see the sunrise tomorrow?

Me: Ya for sure

The Sun: Hey ya'll. I think ima dip on this on. Had a long day shining and stuff, but don't worry two of my friends will be there!

Me: Wait, who?

The Wind & The Cold: WASSS UPPPP

When your crush says she only dates rappers #954

ALEXA. Today is a very sad, but a very EXCITING one too! You moving to Hawaii is insane, and I know you'll do nothing but succeed. God blessed me big time when I met your family years ago. Just know that you always got family and friends that love you here in the Sunshine state!!! #PeaceAndBootyGrease #MerryChristmas


Okay in all seriousness, yall I got a question. How great is our God? I'm asking not cause I understand, but because it's incomprehensible to me. One thing that I'm beginning to understand that still overwhelms me is the Lord's sovereignty. Take my life for example. My life has changed so much in the last year (like SO much), but it's has though that's irrelevant to God's plan. Not to say that God doesn't care about my life (shoot He died and rose from the grave for my sins), but rather I mean this. My day could be crappy, the sun still rises. My day could be fantastic, the sun still rises. Whether I do good or evil the Lord consistently gives love. His plan to redeem the world will happen regardless of my actions. Think about that for a second. Knowing that makes me want to stop thinking about my small life, and follow the consist and sovereign King.

Ightttt. Yall have a great day!!

I got two things for Christmas.

1) A lot of applesauce (seriously look at it)
2) Really great friends


Myth: My coworkers are great.

Fact: I have the best gosh darn coworkers in the whole widest world.

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