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Jonathan Irish  Contributor to Nat Geo Travel | Photograph | Repeat We are creating a killer National Parks book...available for preorder! 👇

Ice, ice, baby. One of my favorite places in the world: Neko Harbor on the Antarctic Peninsula.
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One last photo in honor of World Penguin Day. Who can forget these baby king penguins, known as oakum boys. They are nicknamed that because their juvenile plumage resembles a type of fiber used to caulk timber on old sailboats. However, every time I hear oakum boys I somehow think of Oakridge Boys, and the song “Elvira” starts playing in my head. sml. #onassignment @natgeocreative @natgeo #love #instagood #ngexpeditions @natgeoexpeditions @natgeofineart

Happy World Penguin Day! You gotta love these feathered southern friends..they are full of personality and charm. The King Penguins (pictured here) are doing quite well on the protected South Georgia island off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Some colonies have as many as 250k breeding pairs (500,000 penguins!). That makes for one loud, smelly, beautiful, crazy scene.
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We just got six advance copies of our epic book detailing our National Park project for @natgeo, and it looks AMAZING. We are thrilled, humbled, excited, proud, and a bit teary-eyed at seeing the actual product of our hard work. The book printed even better than is gorgeous....240 pages of National Park inspiration (including every single national park in the system!) to help you dream and plan your next National Park adventure. To hold in our hands the result of what has been over a two-year process to explore, document, and share the national parks is overwhelming, to put it lightly. We are still about 4 weeks away from receiving the entire first printing, but for those of you who placed an order already I can promise that you’ll be really happy with this book. It will be a treasure for your coffee table for many years to come. For those of you who haven’t ordered yet, you know what to do (link in bio). There’s still time to get a discount on pre-ordering (before May 15), and we will sign a nice note for everyone who pre-orders. Thanks for your support! (Scroll to see a few images of the final product). 👍🏻

Happy #EarthDay everyone. What a beautiful and magical world we live in, right? Today, let’s renew our pledge to take (better) care of it so future generations can enjoy the same beauty and abundance we are so fortunate to have today.

Time at home between assignments, for me, is about catching up...not just on life and relationships but also photo editing. I have a long list of assignments that I need to go back through and make sure I didn’t miss any great shots, as I usually don’t have time while on the road to do this deep dive. And I always find some gems in this beautiful iceberg in Antarctica. I could never get tired of seeing the ice down’s one of the things that continues to draw me to these remote polar regions. I have a bit of an ice obsession. This was shot in the Fujifilm GFX 50S (a medium format beast) and I think it will be the next print I make to hang on our walls. The detail is just insane. Can’t wait to see this in print!
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My hummingbird karma has been spot-on lately. I am not sure what is going on, but I seem to have a lot of access to these beautiful little creatures as of late. I’m not complaining! They are so fun to watch and a ton of fun (and a good challenge) to photograph well. Every once in a while, you get lucky.
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Happy International Dark Sky week! While we should celebrate the clear night skies all year, I’m happy that there’s a week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of clear skies and reducing light pollution. Can you imagine what the world was like before the invention of electric light in the late 19th century? EVERY place in the world would have been designated an international dark sky location. Imagine walking out of your door, looking up and seeing billions of stars every night? Now, we have to seek out these dark places to gaze into the universe. Remember to turn off outside lights not only saves energy costs but also keeps the skies clearer of light pollution. I love photographing at night...astrophotography is so fun. We were incredibly lucky to visit some places where the brilliant stars shine clearly on our road trip through the national the one pictured here: Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.
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Another beautiful morning playing with the lines in the sand dunes in Baja California, Mexico. I’m drawn to sand dunes, no matter where they are in the world. I love that they move and shift and that every day the wind sculpts them to present a new palette on which to play and photograph. They are alive.
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One of the great sights not to miss on a springtime visit to Washington DC is the annual blooming of the Cherry Blossom trees. The beautiful cherry blossoms are starting to lose their flowers about now. However, it was a fabulous and extended show this year after a somewhat poor showing last year due to weather. I’ve photographed the blossoms at least 5 or 6 times by now and they never fail to impress.

Shot with FUJIFILM GFX 50S camera and GF32-64mm F4 lens

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Scenes from Baja California. Shot with a 16mm lens while exploring one of my favorite locations for sunrise photos: Punta Colorada. But really, every sunrise in Baja is special.
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