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If you crop the bottom 1/3 off this photo it demonstrates climbing prowess and confidence. #CathedralRock

Rose petals, oak leaves, shadows. #Sedona #RedRockTrails #Fujifilm

Great Horned Owl with inlaid Ginger feathers and beak. Terrifying, Cute or both? #vegetablesthatlooklikethings

Strangest bar I've been to in awhile. Zero respect for the lactose intolerant.

Golden Spice Pear. Edible straight off the tree, or the pear lends itself to baking and pear cider. Southern Alberta is not the Okanogan, but it can be close.

2016 (right) and 2017 (left). Notice the enormous progress in having imperceptibly straighter arms. #bakassana #crow

The Evans Cherry still clings to trees in late September, perfect for tarts. 'Rediscovered' in an orchard near Edmonton in the 1920's, tolerates -40, Zone 3a.

40-50 pounds of Hardi-Mac apples. A cold hardy Macintosh perfect for Alberta's climate. @katebird and @evan_a_gillespie did an outstanding job of watering, fertilizing, pruning and general apple tree caretaking all summer.

September Harvest. Sungold Cherry tomato, West Coast Seeds. #westcoastseeds

Dryland Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. Now to build up the courage to find some water. #fingerstand #wildspiritsupyoga #chestermere

One of the better things I've ever seen painted on the side of a parkade.

One of the better things I've seen painted on the side of an ancient Volkswagen Van.

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