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Evans Cherry, Hardiness Zone 3A. One of the few cherries that can survive Calgary winters and produce fruit every July.

Freshly picked Haskap berries with a Canadian dime for reference. Once they've grown to the size of an American ten-cent coin, they will definitely be ready to harvest.

I submitted this image to the Dodge Marketing Department. They replied with a lengthy document explaining their strict policy of incorporating only tall blond women in all of their associated marketing material. I will wait ten years for Dodge company policy to progress and shift and then re-submit the image.

Southern Yukon, the peak of Summer, June 17th.

Why do I get the feeling one of those listed amenities is not quite in the same category as the other two?

Unguarded pile of wheat. Enough for a dozen loaves of bread at least.

Washington Apple crates stacked for picking.

Left to Right- Saskatoon, Crabapple, Strange-unnamed-green Apple, Store bought discount Pinot Grigio wine kit.

Yellow Squash, three months.

'Dark Opal' Basil- 7 weeks

The gift wrapped coffee basket concept has gone too far when you can't even sit at your favorite counter anymore.

'They keep the good snacks in here'

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