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Love you brother !

Moscow, one of the most beautiful places I have been in..
Sadly there is no gym so fuck this place😜

He killed my legs !!!
This workout was so good.I love training with someone who is stronger than me.
Push your body to.the limit.
Workout blueprint:
✔Barbell squats- 4 sets × 12-15 reps, slow and controlled
✔Romanian deadlift- 3sets ×10-12 reps, focus on your hamstrings
✔Leg press- 3 sets × 12-15 reps
✔One handed dumbbell hamstring extension- 3 sets × 12-20 reps( each leg)
✔Dumbbell goblet squat -3 sets × 10-12 reps
✔Hip adductors(seated) - 4 sets × 10-12 reps
Try this workout, but be careful, it's a leg killer

Hey guys,
This Workout session with a friend of mine- @brinivan, was amazing!!💪🏽
Felt sick and weak, but the energy came as we started the workout.
Tried the IGTV for the first time.
What do you think? should I continue uploading longer videos like this?
Let me know what you.think in the comments below 👇🏽

Leg day is so important for overall development.
I have seen huge difference with my body composition when started lifting heavy with a lot of volume on.leg days.
When I hit legs, I try to start with a good warmup, the slowly get to the heavier sets.
Try to go as heavy as possible rather then just hitting tons of reps.
Wanna grow your legs??
Follow this workout:
🔹️Barbell squats- 4 sets * 6-8 reps(Heavy)
🔹️Leg press- 3 sets * 8-10 reps
🔹️one leg dumbbell/barbell lunge- 3 sets * 8-10 reps
🔹️Machine calf raises- 4 sets * 12-15 reps.
Do not skip leg day !!!😉

Would you like to see more videos like this? or informative videos on workout and nutrition?🤔
Try this workout yourself:
1.Bench press- 4 sets, focusing on heavy lifts. Last set drop set till failure
2.Incline dumbbell press- 3 sets of 8-10 reps.
3.Cable flys- 4 sets of 10-12 reps.
Focus on progressive overload, which means getting heavier weights from week to week.
Summer is coming, keep your diet on point.
Have any questions?
Ask me in the comments👇🏽

That man in the beginning of the video🤦🏽‍♂️
I need to get better with editing and creativity.
Arm workout was 🔥
A few notes:📒
1. Progressive overload over pump- I know it may sound strange, but progressive overload is more important when it comes to getting bigger and building lean body mass.
2.Combine some supersets- sometimes it gets hard to add more weight, especially with arms. When you get stuck and can't add any more weight, combine Superstes, Dropsets, and try to hit from all angles.
What do you say?
Are you ready for the summer?
Comment below what are your thoughts about this biceps workout👇🏽

Who love working out as much as they love to breathe?😂
Have a great weekend everyone 👌🏽
From Jonathan after a great pump😉

Back on editing.
Hope you missed me😉
Today was a solid Back and Tricep workout session.
In the last few weeks I had a lot going on in my life.
Motivation is important but it is not enough as it comes and goes.
What really defines a great individual is consistency and patience.
I will get back on track and provide some sick content soon, so be ready 👊🏽
Tell me what you think in the comments below👇🏼
@nfrealmusic -best music, you have to listen to his lyrics😍

Leg workout was 💣
You have to try this superset if you want to grow your legs👊🏽
What do you think about this workout?
Yell me in the comments 👇🏼

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