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The Lightning & Landscape Dude  Storm Chaser - Landscape Photographer Worked with New York Times, BBC, NHK, Weather Channel and many more.⚡️⚡️ Want some cool backgrounds ⬇️

Write me a nice caption for this shot! The most creative ones will get a shoutout in my story 😄👌🏻
#storm #kinderdijk #windmills #sunrise #epic

A perfect sunrise with a storm in the back between a UNESCO World-Heritage site. This is why I became a photographer.
#storm #kinderdijk #sunrise #reflection #windmills

Lofoten Madness.
Storms follow me around the globe- Something I figured out when I stood at this beach on Lofoten, Norways edge to the Arctic, while stormclouds blasted up into the sky during blue hour. I liked the thought of this at night more so I blended some stars in to balance it out a bit more. If some of you are interested in how the intentional scene during blue hour looked like, I can post an unaltered version of the same storm next week!
#storm #lofoten #norway #lightning #beach

Today could finally mark the turning point in Venezuela's recent history as people roamed through the streets across the world to vote against the new constitution proposal by Maduro and his fellow idiots. We were in Frankfurt and met some amazing people and had a good time despite the fact that this vote was to battle poverty, starvation, a lack of medicine and violence in a once beautiful and strong country. Tonight the world will watch as the results of this vote are released to overwhelm this government that has abused its power for long enough.
#storm #venezuela #venezuelalucha #lightning #Catatumbo

Are you guys interested in a tutorial of how to edit storm/lightning RAWs in order to get the best out of them?
Let me know in the comments what you think and let me know what you think of this shot!
#storm #venezuela #lightning #sunset #maracaibo

We arrived last second to this severe supercell in Belgium as it just had passed the border from France and reorganized into a bowecho that glew in the light of the setting sun. Not even 2 minutes after this shot hell broke loose, ravaging the surroundings with severe winds and hail. The streets were flooded and full of broken trees.
#storm #sunset #supercell #belgium #wind

Imagine wakingup to this exact view after a cold and sleepless night full of driving through blizzard conditions for hundreds of kilometers to gain a last glimpse of the majestic light situations on Iceland before the Atlantic Storm coming from West will bury the island in snow and severe winds for the next days. Opening your eyes, looking out of the front window into this vibrant burning sky. Thats what values the effort and drama throughout the night before.
#iceland #sunrise #mystopover #burning #sunset_vision

If you prefer the rough, vibrant nature of Iceland you should make sure to check out the link in my Bio and take a look at the Set "Wild Iceland" - Full of wallpapers fit for most phones!
#iceland #wallpaper #sunset #mystopover #waterfall

Great News! - Today I set up a small online store for you to download some nice wallpaper packages for your phone! Each package includes 10 pictures and comes for 2€ (Those of you who want to support me more can choose a higher price if they want! I hope you guys like this and let me see some screenshots I can shout out in my story! Visit the link in my bio and have fun!
#storm #lightning #wallpaper #store #background

A severe supercell thunderstorm often stands for two different things - Cataclysmic destruction, damaging hail and hurricane force winds, and the truly shocking yet breathtaking face that is underlined by heavily rotating cloud formations in its updraft. This supercell we intercepted in NE Germany changed faces multiple times and underwent the stage of Low Precipitation and Classic before exhausting its life in its final High Precipitation stage, while dropping large hail and ravaging through the lands with hurricane force winds. The Beauty and the Beast aren't necessarily two different things.
#storm #supercell #wallcloud #lightning #gewitter

A question for all of you - If I do a phone background collection (e.g. 5 Storm + 5 Lightning pictures or so) - Would you guys download it or not care? I noticed that recently many people asked me for background shots, but since in the story, you can never enjoy the full picture, I want to know if I should set up something explicitly for background usage! Let me know what you think my friends :)
#storm #gewitter #bavaria #background #lightning

I recently started putting some of the shots I post up to my story for you guys to screenshot that to use for background. How do you like it? Shall I do more or is it unnecessary? Let me know in the comments and leave a like if you want me to do more! I'll put this one up too!
PS: This shot is not photoshopped (as people always ask me) - it's a single picture and that bat was simply in the perfect spot.
#storm #lightning #venezuela #nature #catatumbo

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