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Jonas Peterson  I'm a photographer, writer and lover looking for home. I work worldwide.


I’m going through drone footage, both photos, but mostly video and I want to put it together somehow. Learning editing with Adobe Premiere or FCP seems so daunting though, but these frames and clips shouldn’t have to die on a forgotten hard drive because I’m lazy. #djiphantom4 #bali #ubud #editing

You are my winter storm, she said. I am that, I thought, but most of all I am your shelter. #idaho #randomlovenotes

Maria and Orin


Never let go.

I struggle with what to share. It seems in this day and age of presenting our curated selves, I go from place to place to collect beautiful images I can portion out for a while, pretending that’s what life looks like. If I’m lucky the images and videos last long enough until I go somewhere new, where I build up another small library of snippets from a life that never shows the in between, from the days that are so hard you don’t know where to turn, from the days that are...what life really looks like. In an effort to come across as accomplished and happy we have stopped talking about the life we actually live. #life #ontheroad #wolvesworkshop

You may not see the ocean running through them, but it’s there, roaring under their skin. They are island people and I feel lucky to have met them. #wolvesworkshop

Never let go. #wolvesworkshop

I bought a notebook in Cartagena, Colombia, the first words in it were to the woman I love. “Maybe this is when I start writing again”, I told her, “maybe this is the time”. I’ve carried it with me since then, since those first days of June, the nights of endless heat and bottomless ceviche, but no more words have found their way into it - or out of me. And like so many times before I wonder why. Nothing comes easier to me than writing and yet I stay away from it. This morning I wake up in a sandy bed on the small island of La Graciosa, the closest land Morocco to the east. The wind is whipping around the house and I finally feel present. I share a room with Christian or @1924us , a man I don’t know that well yet and @jamesmartinmoes, and in their own ways they have both inspired me.
Before I left I talked to Sarah and she said, “maybe this is the trip when you start writing again, I can feel it”. I don’t know if she’s right, even though she most often is, but I know that between the words of Christian and the stories I’ve heard here so far, something is finally happening. I know there’s only one rule to writing - pen to paper - and maybe it’s finally time. We’ll see. #wolvesworkshop #writing #inspiration

The places we go. #wolvesworkshop


Hello hybrid shooters. Image on the left is edited with my Skogafoss preset from @hellodvlop , image on the right is shot with a contax 645 and scanned by Richards Photo Lab. #dvlop #skogafoss #presets

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