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C.J. Giatras  🔷Mr. Utah 2014 🔹Top NPC🔹NGA Pro in 07 🔹X2X Athlete 🔹Dad 💍@amandagiatras 🔹Surge Athlete 🔹Jonas 20% off

Can’t wait to see these girls tonight. We have been working hard and have so many surprises for you this weekend! ❤️#lovemygirls #happygirlshappydad #socute #totaljoys

Dad you taught me life lessons I’ll never forget. I am who I am and a huge part of all my success is because of you. Love you padre. Have a great day. We all love you! #ctgiatras #helpedstartthelegends #version1.0 #imversion5.0

Some morning unwind with the wiffff. This is what we do every morning all summer and fall. I love this time of year. You guys ever tried ghee in your coffee? Legit, give it a go. #ghee #kauaicoffee #thankstrev #motivation

The 3 faces that mean the most. Working isn’t so bad when you come home to true love and some serious laughs with these girls. Thankful for my wife and for my health. Rolling through this prep like not even a problem so far. #girlsdayatlagoon #happy #healthy #dad #mygirls #therestalljustrevolvesaroundthem

This machine is money! One of the best chest press machines I’ve ever used. One of the few movements to make sure you push all the way through at the top.
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#musclemania #meat #musclemeat #surgesupplements #chest #motivation

6 second reps on the leg press. 6 seconds down nice and slow, 6 seconds hold at the bottom, 6 second pushes on the way up. These are another level brutal. Great idea quad king. Never skip leg day! #quadsandhams #surge #x2x #badhats808 #surgesupplements #fitness #neverwilldropfrombodybuilding #bornwithagift #noquitinus #motivation

I’m married to this woman and I still dream about her almost every night. Her smell is like your best child hood memories. I hope to love her so freely as to what she needs as a woman, that I encapsulate her heart forever. I plan to do this for her by not only being her husband but also her best friend. I will go see the chick flicks for her, I will feed her dark chocolate in bed, and bring her ice cream at 1 am when she asks for it. I promise to make you fall in love with me all over again. Year after year. #luckyman #iwanteverynighttoendwithher #icantdothislifewithoutyou #fuckyesillrubyourfeet #noshame #dontcare

Rows, 150lb dumbbell. Thankful for my health and thankful for picking who I am. Wouldn’t change a thing or want to be anybody else. Once you find the love in yourself for yourself. True happiness follows. #backday #blackandwhite #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #foundmypassion #humbled #thankful

One in a million! Happy 🎂 #dadlife #family @amandagiatras

Tonight at midnight night my oldest turns 8. You my sweet girl are my 🌟. The best years of my life always seem to involve you when I look back. Your smile, the first time you went potty on your own on the beach in Kauai. I’ll never forget you screaming and cheering I go peepee guys! The look on your face when you caught your first 🎣 fish. I’m so so sorry I don’t get to see you everyday. It’s been the worst thing to ever happen to me. But I’m writing this post so one day when your older you know I think about you everyday and my heart never leaves your chest. If you listen close they beat in unison my sweet girl. Amanda and I love you so much. We hope you have the most amazing day and we will see you tomorrow to bring treats to your class. #birfdaygirl #letsgocandycrazy #8 #timeissoprecious #HG #haydingiatras

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