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jonalyn aldanese  live life to the fullest .

Off To School :> good luck sa midterm week :)
push ko toh :"D

#inlove <3

Last night was unexpected .
i never taught of something to happen . it just happened unexpectedly :> ayt :')))
hahahahahagard .

#ASAP #Fansday .

hello @itsellacruz :)))
missyousomats :*

A short message from a special person can make
your day complete :))) Good Morning Ü
rise n' shine ',:> still lying on my bed .
breakfast na us .

Share .

#Sooooooo Inlove :*******

When you want to enjoy life, think today as your life's First day. When you want to achieve something in life, think today as your life's Last day. Sunday Morning :)))
keep safe guys :>

Morning is the sign that
every mistakes we take
should replace by a new
beginning :> Rise N' Shine :)))
start something new .

#i am Unique

Every morning is a blessing .

dont forget to thank GOD
for waking you up today :) Happy Tuedate :>
i miss my bestfriend soooooo
much :*** hihi .

Habanaysday guys .
all of me loves all of you :'> #Him

Im not pretty, not even beautiful, but i have a different look that make others insecure.
-GdMorning! :)) Omw to school :)
take care :'>

at last :>
nagkaWiFi din :>
antagal kong walang
post ditey . huhu .

namimiss ko na Boyfi ko :D
lego .


its ok to ignore someone
who did not give you their
full attention .

Focus on someone who
show their love for you :) #feeling Free <3

may ganto pla taung picture :D nkita ko lng xD.

Happy Happy ;)))
more projects to come and
more candles to blow ;*
Love you always ;))) #your supporter <3

#Being Me .

i am not useless nor
priceless . i am Loved
by someone who know
my real personality ;">. i dont need to change
myself or my attitude
just to be liked by someone .
as long as i dont step into
their lives .
i have my own life \m/

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