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J O N πŸ”Ή R O S E  Waves For Water

Happy World Water Day, Ladies and Gents!! As most of you know, I have dedicated the last 8 yrs of my life towards helping to solve the world water crisis... some of this journey was captured by Red Bull TV, over the past couple years.
'Waves For Water'Β (Do what you love and help along the way), is a feature length documentary film that really dives into the entire W4W story, including my life leading up to it. It highlights not only what we do and how we do it, but WHY we do it – our way of life and the inspiration behind it.
The full film is officially live today on Red Bull TV! See link in bio to watch it and please feel free to spread the word if you like it! #wavesforwater @wavesforwater @redbulltv

Copilot's since the beginning... #badassdads #fathersonteam #roaddogs

Two of the best men I know. From an epic wknd we had at the Pozo Stampede, some yrs back. It's still so fun finding new nuggets from the batch of old film recently got developed. #pozosaloon #blackandwhitefilm #filmphotography #beer

Schoolyard stories... Delhi, India. #thesemomentstho

From India, with love... | #wavesforwater #w4windia

Recently we got a chance to work in the First Nations community of Shoal Lake 40 (Manitoba, Canada). For example, in this pic, I am training a father and son how to use our water filter + faucet adapter on their kitchen sink. The situation there is far more complex than I could ever write in this post, but to put it simply, there is a small community (80+ households) living in "forced' isolation, on a man made island, in the middle of Shoal Lake... and the only real access is during winter, on ice roads across the frozen lake. Being that it's virtually cut off for the rest of the year (except a barge that runs sporadically in summer) there is no real resources or proper infrastructure... as a result, they've run out of space to put their trash on the island and their personal septic systems are failing – leeching raw sewage into the lake, which gets pumped right back into their houses, as the lake is their main water source. As I said, the situation there is complex, with many historical layers that deserve global attention. Never in my life have I seen a more polarizing example of fortunate vs unfortunate. It's like they live on Alcatraz, looking across the lake, in plain sight, at communities that have proper infrastructure, municipalities, etc... and literally hearing the semi-trucks (just 15km away on Canada's Great Hwy) carry goods/supplies to every other part of the country. Our water filter program there is small in comparison to all that they need, but at least the local residents will be able to drink the water from their sinks for the first time in 18 years (there's been an 18 yr boil water advisory for every household on the island). | #soberingtruth #SL40 πŸ“·@tayloraikins

"Love is the last light spoken" ~ Dylan Thomas | #filmphotography #shootmorefilm #xprocess #upstateny

At this point in my life, spending about 20 days a month on the road, it's safe to say I'm a professional traveler. As a result, I've become very good at narrowing down exactly what I need, and more importantly, losing what I don't. Whether I'm going on a 1 month work trip to India or a long wknd to surf in Mexico, I pretty much travel with a luggage set up like this, from ongoing #wavesforwater supporter, TUMI. These two bags have been a bulletproof combo in helping to elevate my travel experience. Starting today (for next 10 days) TUMI is running a sale event in support of W4W, offering 20% off, with 5% of all purchases going to us!! Now is the time to up your luggage game and support us in the process! Head to for more deets...
#powerofone #TUMIglobalcitizen @tumitravel @wavesforwater

Another nugget from the recent batch of film rolls I got developed, from a trip to Yosemite a couple yrs back. Can't go wrong there... any camera, any film, any light... it's virtually impossible to take a boring photo there... πŸžπŸ“·πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Few things better than a Red Horse at the end of a long day... #redhorse #favoritebeers #philippines #fbf | πŸ“· @artunepo

Throwback to last Fall, the city of Les Cayes trying to recover, just days after Hurricane Matthew decimated southern #Haiti ... it's crazy to think how intimately I've come to know these types of catastrophes. To hear more on experiences like these and beyond, feel free to swing by @hurley HQ in Costa Mesa, CA for the premiere screening of @redbulltv's new doc film on us - 'Waves For Water'. Doors open at 6pm, see link in bio for details. #wavesforwater #tbt @hurleysurfclub

Woke up this morning thinking about all my time on the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation, in South Dakota. We've worked there for about 4 years now β€” first building rain-water harvesting systems and now building homes... throughout this process we have become quite close with them and more importantly, their ways. This is Freedom White-Plume, taken during a 23 mile horse back journey he led 3 friends and I on, thru the badlands, last fall... for him, it was just another ride... for my friends and I, an experience of a lifetime. πŸ™πŸ½

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