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Update from St Croix, 11am... we lost comms for a while but seems like a bit of cell service is back online. We are all ok... both our rooms were compromised - ceilings started falling in on us followed by flooding. We are now assessing what of our personal property has been damaged, and moving to another room with less damage so we can regroup. Some looting going on in our neighborhood now too. Shit is really damaged and fucked up around here. Not sure about roads yet - curfew is still in order. We are gonna quickly get ourselves in order and try to establish good base of operations again, then we will start assessing damage elsewhere. Just know that we are all safe and in a secure location. Thank you for all the positives notes, they helped... we got really lucky β€” only saw max winds at about 135-140mphπŸ™πŸ½. Apparently, nearby, the south western tip of island saw the worst of it, with 160+ mph winds. #wavesforwater @wavesforwater #hurricanemaria #stcroix | πŸ“· @jimmicane

Probably my last update for the night... I hope we've been able to help provide a little piece of mind in regards to the situation here. It's still an hour away from full landfall. Thank you all for the well wishes. On that note, please know that we are not being careless or reckless with any of this... we are assessing the risks around us constantly, and making decisions accordingly. We are good, and safe. Thank you... #wavesforwater #hurricanemaria #stcroix @wavesforwater

Third Hurricane Maria update: live from St Croix. 100 mph sustained winds and growing. No more power or internet, but still have a couple bars of cell service. One of our rooms is flooded so we are all hunkered down in the other one. #wavesforwater @wavesforwater @bennyboosh @fritzleogane @jimmicane

(2 of 2) Live update from Hurricane Maria, here on St Croix. Since we shot this the power has gone out, but miraculously, we still have internetπŸ€”. @bennyboosh @wavesforwater #wavesforwater #noproblemsonlysolutions

(1 of 2) Live update from St Croix: we are now about 4 hrs away from a direct hit of #hurricanemaria (cat 5), here on St Croix. It's about 80-90mph winds now and expected to max out at 175 later tonight... We are solid so far and will keep you updated if/when we can... thank you. #stcroix @wavesforwater @bennyboosh @fritzleogane @jimmicane

The calm before the storm... With a friendship almost 25 yrs strong, it's seems only fitting that the dude I started exploring the world with so many yrs back, would be at my side now, when it really counts. πŸ’ͺ🏽#copilot #wavesforwater #battendownthehatches #tagteammaria

Can't script this stuff... came down here, to St Croix, to help launch our Hurricane Irma Relief Initiative for the neighboring islands, and now we've got a category 5 storm (Maria) barreling straight for us. For frame of reference, we are situated exactly where the eye of the storm is on picture #2.😳 We are hunkered down on the second story of a 3 story hotel (concrete walls). We have provisions, electricity (for now), and whiskey! But most importantly, we are sitting on over 300 water filtration systems, here in our rooms with us. These systems were intended for the neighboring islands (which we will eventually get back to), but with Maria coming directly to us, our program for this region just got A LOT bigger... hoping that what we've seen on St Thomas and St John wasn't just a precursor of what to expect here, but if it is, we are well equipped, and ready. The storm is set to hit us hardest between 1-4am tmrrow night. Will probably lose comms for a while. Wish us luck... and no matter what happens here, this whole zone is gonna need a lot of love for a long time. So if you wanna support, please see link in my bio... thank you...πŸ™πŸ½ #wavesforwater #w4whiri

It's game time ladies and gentleman... these are the moments that truly define us... Mother Earth is alive like we've never seen her before. The realtime reports I am getting from longtime personal relationships I have throughout the Caribbean are nothing short of catastrophic. I have personal friends who have lost everything, not to mention the many millions more that have been deeply affected. Many of these islands already have major water issues in the underserved communities, which unfortunately also see the brunt of the devastation due to a lack in proper infrastructure. So, we are launching a full scale disaster response initiative for many of the Caribbean islands that were hit hardest. The number one most essential need in times like these is access to potable water and our program is designed to fill this need perfectly. The logistical nature of this one is very tough, not dissimilar to what we faced with typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. But this is what we do best and have formed an amazing regional and international response team for this initiative. For more detailed info on our op plan and how to support please see link in my bio. Thank you in advance for your support. We need all hands on deck for this one...πŸ™πŸ½ #wavesforwater #w4whurricaneirma

My kind of traffic... #mongolia last week...

This is @aarfly, on one of five early morning sunrise hikes we did, this past couple weeks in #Mongolia. Nothing beats starting a new day in a new land, by finding a perch before sunrise, and looking out over what feels like infinite πŸ™ŒπŸΌ possibility. | If any of you are in the NYC area tonight swing by the Soho House (meat packing location), tonight at 630pm. I will be hosting an hour discussion around my work with Waves For Water... covering a range of topics, such as: Adventure β€” as a way of life, Empowerment (DIY humanitarianism), disease prevention (Ebola, Cholera), rethinking CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and our CWC Program β€” Clean Water Corps (Military Veteran Program)... Thanks and hope to see you there... just tell the front desk you are there for the W4W/Jon Rose event. #wavesforwater

New men's luxury fashion & travel mag, The Lane Man, launched last week, with a profile on yours truly. I chatted with them about my journey with #wavesforwater and some of the things I've come to realize, along the way. We also went to Iceland and ripped around its epic landscape, taking pics. But all this pales in comparison to the large contribution they made towards our Ecuador Earthquake Relief Initiative, happening around that same time. A lot of people talk about doing something good for the world and then others just do it. This group of people, stepped up when it really counted, and I'm honored to have been a catalyst in that process. Big ups to @cartier and @thelane_man for collaborating to create a platform where bold moves and good stories are celebrated. Head over to thelaneman.com, to see the full feature. Lastly, props to the crew that made Iceland so fun: πŸ“·@jenniferstenglein @jefflackstylist @karissa_lea @paul_deluna | #drivedecartier

Getting back online after a week of cyber-silence, deep in the Mongolian countryside, is hard enough as it is. But when a storm like Hurricane Harvey hits your home country during that time, it brings the reentry process to a whole new stark and sobering level. Once I finally regained service again and started to get my first emails/texts I knew, in my gut, that the situation in Texas was catastrophic. Upon further analysis, we at W4W have decided not to physically respond, as our clean water program isn't the right fit for this particular situation. You'll find a more detailed breakdown of how we came to this conclusion on our W4W FB page. It has always been my belief that collaboration and organization are the two main pillars of recovery. So, even though we won't physically be responding we will support our fellow brethren who are by sharing their message and directing support their way. That said, I have already been in direct contact with my good friend @daviddarg, the VP of a great organization called @operationblessing. They have hit the ground running, basing their relief initiative out of Beaumont, TX. I've known David for yrs and I trust him and his team fully β€” I have seen first hand the incredible impact they've had, on disaster zones all around the world, so if you are looking for a good place to put your support, this would be my suggestion. For more info on OB's Harvey relief plan please head to our W4W FB page or directly to ob.org. Thank you...

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