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jon hall  Treat people the way you wanna be treated. Simple right?!

Happy birthday brother Francis!! Thanks for the post bball treat. Also, congrats to our brother @christiansanvictores18 (not pictured), and his growing family, on the arrivsl of their baby girl!! Great day!! @mariaphall sa Grattis!!!Och tack för pommes!!!o

Thanks Baler for having the guys come up n entertain the locals,and thanks guys for putting on a good show! Thanks @aliyasurfcampbaler @aliyasurfcamp.baler @rommel_angara and everyone else for being great hosts. Very much appreciated!!

Thank you for the food im about eat, it smells sooo good. I AM STARVING!!! #firstborn #family #gotitHALL

Never imagined a ball-pit could bring so much joy hahahahaha... #firstborn #family #gotitHALL

Around 20 years ago?! Chris would be 40 years old. Wonder what he'd look like today n what job he'd be working n how many nieces n nephews he would have given us... 15 years since we lost one of the greatest!!

Pulka (sled) season has begun! He loves it!! #firstborn #family #gotitHALL #christophersfirsttimeto

Working on a cool project at school. Just a paperweight really, but awesome going through the steps and using the machinery #trusttheprocess hahaha

Finally got to meet Alva tonight, Claras cute little mini-me. Love watching the kids play together. Thanks for having us over n introducing us to the new game Codewords or codenames, doesnt matter... All that matters IS WINNING n having fun!! Which we did WHILE WINNING!!! #braggingrightstilnexttime #wasntmyfault

Sista tuppluren för 2017! Ser ut som att det kommer bli en bra en...
Last nap of 2017! Looks like its gonna be a good one... #firstborn #family #gotitHALL

"Merry Christmas, OOOOOOOOO!!" Christophers latest addition to his list of facial expressions haha. Hope everyone is have a great holiday!! #firstborn #family #gotitHALL #Hallsfamilychristmas2017

The change n the progress from a year ago is crazy! We love you buddy!! #firstborn #family #gotitHALL

Took this video the other day. Amazed at the happiness he gets when he does experiences something for the first time. Amazed also at the happiness it brings us. Lucky to have the life i live n blessed to spend it with the family we have #firstborn #family #gotitHALL @mariaphall

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