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H U I A L O H A ʻ A I L A  Based in Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi 🌈 jordan (jo) camara 🌱mama+wife+aloha ʻāina ✨maker of my wildest dreams 🌎dōTERRA platinum leader 👇🏽@aiaola natural deodorant

So excited about this week I forgot what to do with my hands...ha! But foreals, if anyone has even the smallest desire to be here with us next year-let’s make it happen! Convention Week turns this city into pure magic and I just know you’ll love it as much as I do! #letsmakeithappen #huialohaaila18 #doterradream2018 #huialohaaila

She is all the colors. 🌈 #thelittlestcamara

This is me, one year ago. Laying in lavender, baby in Ergo, willing and able to absorb everything my first dōTERRA Convention would give me. I went with a dream and mission to better serve my little hui of oil lovers.

Fast forward to now. We’ve hit milestones in this business I had only dreamt of when first starting up. We’ve put natural remedies and holistic solutions into hundred of homes and in turn grown families and supported women throughout Hawaiʻi.

And so, I’m gearing up for my second Convention, the same ergo but a definite bigger baby, but this time returning with an even greater goal to strive higher and bring back the knowledge to serve my growing hui who have been nothing short of wonderful.

For those of you past, present and future, who chose Hui Aloha Aila to grow with, be inspired by and who continually inspire me, mahalo mahalo mahalo! I won’t let you down ❤️ #staytuned #huialohaaila #bigdreams #doterraconvention2018 #doterradream #makingmoves

Got all my loves back just in time for more rain and wind. Grounding down, staying connected. Stay safe everyone ❤️

Our deal: I pick the clothes, she picks the shoes. At least it wasn’t her rainbow unicorn boots this time.

Been having too much fun in sewingland whipping up sweet little pieces for our baby girl crew. Definitely not starting a business, it’s all for fun! But if you are wanting to learn this essential skill, mama Richie with @loveandmonstershawaii offers sewing classes for all ages! #slowclothes #upcycle #sewyourown #handmedowns #thelittlestcamara

Hauʻoli lā hānau e ko kākou Mōʻī Wahine o Liliʻuokalani!
Impromptu #melenoLiliu for the #kanikapilachallenge by our keiki Camara-Hongys! Mahalo ti @rainbow_koolau for starting up this amazing mele movement ❤️ #ekanikapilakakou! @pekunahong @alohaimlindsay

🎶a kuʻu poʻohiwi

Drooled on, cried on, slept on, pushed, embraced, caressed. They have been heavy with grief and burden and guilt, while also light with grace and confidence and sensuality. My shoulders are complex and strong, yet soft and comfortable-and without doubt, these little shoulders I molded out of me will one day endure the same. ❤️ #kuupoohiwi

Absolutely loving this challenge of loving our body a little more by @pekunahong. What do you love about your shoulders?

A full two weeks with this guy-prepping, packing, preparing. Now it’s back to work and aside from the plywood windows, sandbagged door cracks, waterproof matches, and Swiss Army knives to supply a nation-he is our number one form of safety and stability, the constant in the chaos, and total calm in those windy rainy nights ahead. I love you more and more with every [dooms]day, babe. #mushygushy #loveletters #closetdoomsdayprepper #buthewontadmitit

ʻIhi: “MOM! Quit taking pictures and pour in my epsom oils!”

Our weekly epsom salt bath with essential blends Balance and Serenity to soothe the body, relax the mind and settle the soul.

Epsom salt (not really a salt at all but a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate) has been used throughout history to remedy muscle aches and pains, increase magnesium absorption, reduce swelling, promote healthy digestion, relax the body and ensure a good nights sleep.

Make your own epsom bath combo with your favorite essential oils and a few pumps of FCO. Mix together and sprinkle 1-2 cups into a full bath for 12-15 minutes, a few times a week. For ʻIhi, I use about 1/4 cup. Enjoy! #huialohaaila #huihacks #thelittlestcamara #mamamagic #babybedtimes #babybathtimes #doterramama #oilmama

Can’t put a number on the kisses but this one was definitely somewhere in the millions. #smotherbrother #thelittlestcamara #andherfavoritehuman

Threw on our old wedding clothes and posed with the Heʻeia sunrise. Only you, could wake this non-morning mama, get her on a shaky bridge and create this magic. #hiloinhilo #hanahou

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