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Only a few months ago I ranked in at the 30th spot for my first 7km obstacle race. Since then I have been addicted to the adrenaline pumping and heart pounding experience. This second time round with a little more experience and training under my belt, I’ve managed to come in ranking 12th on last week’s 10km Urban Assault Obstacle race. While I was still relatively inexperienced compared to the other participants, my perseverance and grit definitely helped make up for it. Sometimes it’s about the will, not the skill.

Rescuing Pikachu from captivity

Real men drink bubble milk tea

Legend has it that he is still waiting for his cheese stuffed crust pepperoni pizza.

Everyone wants a perfect relationship, all I want is for my burger to look like how it was advertised.

When art meets perfection 💁🏻‍♂️

It’s hard to find friends who are sexy, good looking, loyal and kind at the same time. That is why I always tell them never lose me.

When it's your doggie's first day at school

P.S. No doggies were harmed in the making of this video.

Two weeks ago i participated in my first Viper Challenge in the Elite Category.As a first timer being in a category where the obstacles will be more challenging than usual coupled with the fact that most of my competitors will be seasoned competitors was a no brainer to say the least. Especially when I could barely climb a rope two days out and had only a total of 2 hours worth of training since I decided to enter at the very last minute.Despite all the shortcomings, I managed to finish in the 30th spot out of 107 competitors.Throughout this 7km obstacle race, I learned that our mindset is the most powerful weapon when it comes to pushing beyond our comfort zones. This should also answer the many questions I get on how did I persevere through all these years in staying fit and active.

1. It takes soul sucking,bone crushing will and determination to continue fighting when your heart is desperate for more oxygen, your lungs feel as though they're drowning and your body and mind is begging for you to stop.
2. You have to be willing to do what others are not willing in order to get the results that others aren't getting.
3. It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog
3. I reminded myself throughout the race that they might be more prepared,more experienced and might have even outworked me, but i will OUTLAST them.
4. Krispy Kreme doughnuts can give you superpowers

Copy paste into your mind and apply to relevant areas of your health and fitness goals and you shall never fail.
Sekian, Terima kasih.

Passion, Dedication and Perseverance. That's what it takes to capture your perfect fitness selfie. Sorry to dissapoint this isn't your no pain no gain post. On a side note, I don't usually take half naked fitness pictures but when I do I force my little sister to take it in her own bedroom.

Sometimes I train to look sexy, but most times I train to carry my mom's shopping bags.

Coldplay kinda mood.
Everglow and Something Just Like This. 🎹🎼

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