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Émilie Blotiau 

Letting the music seep through. Thinking of making some original songs. 🎹🎼🎶

Liberty and justice for all. #statueofliberty

I can’t take myself seriously...

Number one: I have a fear of heights. A bad fear of heights. This week I flew in a small airplane, and sat on the edge of a cliff. Sometimes you have to step out to the edge to find something beautiful. No matter how scary and no matter if everything in your being is telling you to curl up into fetal position and not move. Being on the edge of this cliff made me think things... 1️⃣Fake it till you make it. I joked about how my “pride came to the rescue” in these situations. I didn’t want to seem like a coward or miss out on seeing/feeling something great. But really there’s truth in this. Don’t say you’re scared even if you are. You’re words have power. Say that no, you’re not scared and in fact you’re having a great time. It works. 2️⃣Your friends and family are an important part of your experience in life. I would NEVER have done these things if I didn’t have the love and trust I feel with my siblings. They make you stronger especially when you feel weak. Surround yourself with GOOD people. People who love you, care about you, and want the best for you. Thanks to @sarahblotiau @blotiyoyo @ripchrisblotiau I have done so many scary things and lived to talk about it (thank god 🙌🏼). 3️⃣Live your life. If you keep making up excuses about why you can’t do something or why it’s inconvenient, you will miss out on so much. Challenge yourself to take that extra step to the edge and free yourself from unnecessary worry.

Frère et sœur. #mafamllie #3of4

Moon over la Seine.
#paris #laseine #midnuit #midnuitàparis

My sister flew a plane today. #badass @sarahblotiau

If you’re new to surfing, old to surfing, don’t know what surfing is (which is weird, you should probably get out more) or just like listening to people talk then this podcast is for you!
But seriously, check out @ripchrisblotiau The Kookcast. An enjoyable podcast that looks at the lifestyle of surfing. #kookcast #EveryonesAKook @thesurfcontinuum

Two beautiful women that I love with all my heart! @oetim who has been the kindest friend and trustworthy confidant. And my mom @catblotiau of course, who loves my family to no end. No it’s not their birthday, Mother’s Day or anything like that. I just felt like celebrating the women in my life.
#CelebrateWomen 😘😘

The handsome Bishop and his #MashedPotatoFace 😍😍

Ready to swan dive into summer like... @blotiyoyo

Finally got the car of my dreams last year. Here’s @blotiyoyo drifting in some snow. Don’t mind the silly music 😂 #minicooper

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