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Shayna😻🔒  ♥️Pin trading & selling for Jack & Sally /horror/anime/Harley Quinn& Joker/Disney/ Starwars 🖤Depop shop link below! Need a discount? Ask me how!

✨Day 1 & 2 of Anime Expo! Had a lot of fun & met my favorite models/suicide girls. Paul Rodriguez recognized Yuki from the old skating days, & has sent him that kind of skateboard before. Needless to say, Yuki was so excited that Paul said hi to him lol. Bought lots of cool stuff & it's been a great weekend with my babe! ✨#animeexpo #ax #suicidegirls #luastardust #neptunesuicide #ericafett #cosplay #paulrodriguez #cool #weebs #lol

Went to Ontario mills & got a kylo ren bear 😂🖤Yuki got a batman doggie. Also went to the Disney store for some pins & goodies. Had fun today 🤘🏼 #buildabear #ontariomills #fun #kyloren #starwars #nerds #batman

Tattoo diary pt 3 👻🖤 I just got this one done at @highvoltagetat yesterday. The place was amazing looking & the people were super friendly. My artist was @apryl27tattoo & she did a wonderful job. I asked for a Valentines horror themed tattoo if she had any pre drawings of that & this is what she sent me. I fell in love the second I saw it & knew I had to have it. My fiance & I went to see the misfits in December in LA & that was so epic! I felt like it was Halloween again & we rocked out. This tattoo is for my love of horror & punk & cuteness lol. I had fun getting this done even though my thigh was hating it at the end of the session 😩😂 but Apryl was a pro & I'm so happy with it. Thank you & that is the end of my tattoo diary for a while :) 🦇🖤#tattoo #highvoltage #highvoltagetattoo #misfits #misfitstattoo #punk #horror #valentines #flowers #girlswithtattoos

♥️Pt.2 of my tattoo diary, this one has a lot of meaning to me. My fiance drew the heart shaped rose for me & I'm proud to have it on me forever. The artist @umbrellaface did an amazing job & added his touch to it. It's not finished but I do plan on finishing it when I can. Whenever I'm down I look at it & it gives me some needed hope & love♥️ pt 3 will be soon! #tattoo #tattoos #blackanchorcollective #girlswithtattoos #rose #heart #love #blackanchor #blackandgreytattoo

Hi everyone 🖤I wanted to do a little tattoo diary, this is my first one. It's a outline of a butterfly & it took 5 min but was painful lol. I got it when I was 18 & on a spur of the moment went with @megan_robinson0822 to get tattooed. I remember being super excited & nervous but so much adrenaline! I initially wanted a small skull with it but it would have had to be huge for all the detail but I was honestly not down for a huge tattoo at first. So just picked this kind of design. I got it at a time where I was going to be moving to another city & moving away from my high school friends whom I really miss. Also going through a breakup & finding myself again so I got a butterfly to symbolize this time in my life to just fly away free & to have new adventures in life. This was my second chance & to this day I still love this tattoo even though it didn't come out perfectly. I'm still trying to better myself & have new adventures & I'm still flying away towards my goals in life 🖤🦋 if you read this far you are awesome! Pt 2 to my tattoo diary will be soon✨ #tattoo #tattooedgirls #tattooedlife #tattoodiary #tattoolove

🥀 one of my favorite pics of that day💍🥀 taken by @jlisaninja #fridaythe13th #engaged #happy #madlove #goodtimes

Engaged to my puddin ❤️🖤💀💍 #engaged #LA #universalstudios #horrornights

So today my bf Yuki surprised me with this new car & words cannot describe how much I appreciate him & for all that he's done to take care of me. It's more than a car to me , it's the people behind it that made it happen. Thank you to all who have helped & especially thank you to my Yuki. & my parents for being there for me ❤️#Kia #newcar #appreciatelife

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