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jojopellegrino  "Pellys an artist, loyal friend, hustler and loving father..and this the stuff that stars is made of nothing less then a martyr."

#PellaVision 🤣 Shout my big bro @realpeterock for this one! #ojsimpson #jayz #ojparole #444 #OhShit #Lol

#PellaVision What people don't realize is that first elbow destroys the wrist.. that blow to the neck cuts the blood and oxygen to the brain knocking you smooth out and that kick to the knee makes sure you go down just in case that blow to the neck misses the carotid artery. It's not just about hitting it's about where to hit. #FatherSon #NoGreaterLove #NoTighterBond #TigerCub #HesAllMine #DaddiesBoy #selfdefense #kravmaga #MySon I don't like to fight and neither does he. I walk away from them all and I teach him the same thing but if you can't walk away... I teach him make sure the other guy can't walk away when you're finished defending yourself.

#PellaVision Just look at what I am raising! I taught him all of the religious and scientific details of this as soon as he became able to pick up food with his hands and put it in his mouth and he still remembers and answers like this every time even when somebody says something to him even simple as "Hey Jai you want some bacon?" Best part is he really gets it and he really means it. None of this is training. I am so proud of him. #FatherSon #NoTighterBond #NoGreaterLove #TigerCub #HesAllMine

#PellaVision I'm a big Connor McGregor fan. I'm also very proud of my Irish blood and he makes me even prouder. To hear this man say this money is going to set his son for life is all I needed to hear. I am 100% sure that Connor McGregor would tear Floyd Mayweather apart just like a tiger does its prey instantly...however the only place he will be unable to do so is inside of the boxing ring. I understand what this is about and I respect it. At the end of the day the opportunity that Floyd Mayweather is giving McGregor is literally going to set up Connor McGregor's son for life and that is something that makes McGregor the winner before the fight even happens. Salute to both of these gladiators!

#PellaVision today was no joke #MountainBike #Verrazano #healthylifestyle #stayinshape @frankieg3377 @jojopellegrino Not our usual 16 mile ride but we did 8 miles of serious uphill tho

#PellaVision #freindlyneighborhoodspiderman Holdin down the Staten Island ferry!!!!!

#PellaVision Been training him since the second he was born. The most wonderful softest loving person on earth but you better believe you could add ready to that list. #kravmaga #martialarts #selfdefense #FatherSon #DaddiesBoy #NoGreaterLove #NoTighterBond #HesAllMine #TigerCub 🐯🐯🐯

#PellaVision #Studio with the #legendary @bigyount This guy as you can see is a highly decorated producer who has worked with all of the best from JayZ...Puff...Usher..Camron...Lil John and many many many more. We cooking making sure this new album I'm about to drop is the real deal and next level. Something new...Something different

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