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You’re next line is... “WHY IS THERE JOSUKE’S STAND?” To iu!
-Tsugi no omae wa... “I’m gonna follow @jojongelion !” To iu!
Credits: @nuruinuru on twitter

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What about a vaporwave stand user?
Stardust Wave on tumblr

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Da alegría ver a artistas tan cerca de ti (ya que soy de Córdoba, Andalucía y él de Málaga) voy a ahorrar para hacerme uno jeje.
Repost from the artist: @toniangar ... 💥EVA01 BERSERKER HEAD💥

She said:
Goblin Slayer of anime and manga Goblin Slayer
(A fan wanted me to draw it,I read the manga and draw it.)measures :70x50cm /materials :Graphite And Black pencil, Black Pen.
Repost from the artist @marcalderonart

Who’s the bigger sexy beast? Donovan or Ricardo?
Repost from @donovan_the_sexy_beast ... Got the idea from @gutstheberserker ‘s post.

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Who Will fall in love with shinji in rebuild 4.0, Rei or Asuka? Or he Will be forever alone?
Repost from @evangelionlove ... Art by Lao Wang

In this game, you can win 100 points, and Those are the prizes:
- Get out of Gantz.
- Back to life to somebody Who dead im gantz
- A supergun!
What do you choose? In case you choose the second one, wich character do you want come Back?

Are you reading Jojolion? Is getting interesting (please no spoilers)
The Last chapter i readed was 60 or something but iam so busy and i can't read nothing right now.
Credits: slowdive92 on picsart

Ravioli, Ravioli, Don't fuck with my Zipperolis! •
sabaku wa ore no stando da
Credits: Perfectlocation on reddit

Do you think that some stand can defeat to Giono? Give me good explanations please ❤
Repost from the artist: @crazydiamond.exe ... "Ima do poll, this is whatni orginally was gonna post for @sodalord101 , out of the two giorno posts, which do you like more, dm me if you want thw wall paper"

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