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Oh my I don't know where to begin! This girl right here is my best friend she knows everything about me and I know everything about her! Word cant even explain how much she means to me! I could never live without her! She been there for me through the thick and thin!💞 we've spent so much time together! We've had so many memories and we make new ones each day! Corn detassling, riding our skateboards, our photo shoot, the sheep, the gator, back lane and the trailer, and the list just goes on and on! This pic pretty much describes our friendship and I love it so much (btw i slipped and smashed my face and knee off the teeter toter and the picture just happened to take) oh I honestly love you so damn much J @jjnezzy @jadennesbitt #bestfriends #iloveyou

Under the stars with my Bæ😍😍❤️😘😘 @em_wyse #underthestars #bae #greatday


I love these girls to the moon and back! This really has been the best night ever<3

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