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It has been completed 😊 you guys should tell me what colour I should do next 🌸 or what to draw next aha. Bye 🍃

This was the recent one I did 😜 it's my first one I drew so yeah. Bye 🍃

Drawing some eyes 😊😜 it's really fun to do aha! Bye 🍃

HAPPY BIRTHDAYDAY TO MY DEAR EMMA🎉🎉🎉 hope you had such an amazing day beautiful 😍❤️

This one man has changed everything for me 😍 he is my rock and I am proud to be in this community we all have ❤️ I love you mark

Hey guys! I have exactly no clue what to draw next and I'm really in the mood! So give me any ideas cause I really want to draw something! #drawing #pictures

Found this picture from christmas and like me and my cousin just sort of put 4 every where. 😊 best art ever aha.

Hey guy it's jodi's 🙈 thought I'd make a personal acc so you all don't have to suffer from my fan acc. But we all know it's fab 👌 buh bye 😁

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