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Joyce Rachael Gan  proud momma. striving catholic. coffee-quitter. ardent time-traveller.


Giving a piece of ourselves away! #seetlohwed #seetlohweds #loveneverfails

Best wedding takeaways of all yet. Personalised love letters for every single guest from the lovely couple, and rosaries handmade by couples' mothers. How much heart can there be. Maybe it is true after all, #loveneverfails #seetlohwed

One can be forgiven for assuming from this photo that they are easy to feed and don't actually take up to an hour-and-a-half to finish a meal, by which time I would've transited from being a loving and patient mum to becoming a roaring and threatening Mother. Everyday. Twice a day. #momlife #sherbertlimevsthinmint #icecreamtreat #emmatthew

Not sure they get that this should not be the best part of a library visit. #librarykids #kiddos #booksaremylife #librarytime #libraryfun

When the kids are away, the cats come out to play. #catlife

Five years ago, this was a barren plot and now, a garden located at the heart of our estate.
I've watched this estate get put together bit by bit, first with my eldest as we wandered our new home, later with my daughter as I brought her for walks while her brother was at school; now, we marvel at this beautiful garden together.
They won't remember this; I hope not to forget how it came to be. #scenesfromtheneighborhood #fernvalecrest #singaporehdb #hdblife

A date with #mylittleman, cos it's always been you, baby.

Never knew I could be a mother to a little girl because I don't remember if I was ever mothered like one. Maybe for now, it's simply to assure her she's a huge part of my world, she and I are one in this together... and to keep my fingers crossed that I don't break or damage her. #motheranddaughter #littlegirl #mommasgirl #mydaughterismyworld

Seems not too long ago that friends and I were caught in a bad storm right after we had deliberately tipped our kayaks over and were drifting helplessly in the sea at East Coast Beach... and how it was the coast guards of sorts that had to come tie our boats together and pull us back to shore as we huddled together in the rain, silent from the cold but euphoric otherwise.
Those were special days when I didn't know fear, only fun.
As I told this story to my son today, I know I wish him many adventures ahead too. Leave the worrying to this momma. You go find your special days. (And please be safe!)

Kid-sized kayaking - just around the lagoon for now. This momma can't wait to take them out further. #sepholidays #staycation #silosobeach

Never imagined #bukomisland could look this stunning. #wondersofthenight #sephols #sepholidays

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