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Zeta  Future Jazz / Punk Experimental Band from Latin America | Vegan Enthusiasts 🌱 | |💢ON TOUR NOW💢EEUU🌎 WORLDWIDE MERCH SHIPPING⬇️⬇️

#tb from that awesome time we first visit @audiotree.
Every night we end the show talking of how important it is to take care of yourself to take care of each other, and food is the first step to take care of yourself, love your body, love your food, love each other!! drink more water and try to go vegan someday, this and many more are the wishes that we have for y’all... if you find us in any of the dates of tour in any city, and you like to talk about veganism or any human matters hit us up, we will share all the information that could help for you, much luv from our Caribbean hearts, see you on tour #tourlifesequence #joinzeta #govegan

Playing tonight in Oakland, California🌺 at @theelboroomsf w Glowing Brain, Hawak, Horrhaua. Donde está la razaa🦑🦑🦑
#latinx #tourlife #fuckborders

PORTLAND, OREGON TONIGHT 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 W @hangtheoldyear AT @blackwaterpdx🍁🌑

Wed 08.15.18 Grant Pass, OR at the @eaden_ballroom
Thr 08.16.18 Portland, OR at the @blackwaterpdx
Fri 08.17.18 Eugene, OR at the @hifimusiclounge
Sat 08.18.18 Chico, CA at the @nakedloungechico
Sun 08.19.18 Oakland, CA at @theelboroomsf
Mon 08.20.18 San Jose, CA @_playbackstudios_
Tue 08.21.18 Los Angeles, CA @theblvdbh
Wed 08.22.18 Longbeach, CA @alexsbarlbc
Thr 08.23.18 Riverside, CA At Aure Viste
📷 @danieljtorres

Como llamarías esta película? 👀
@orangeamplifiers @waipea. We are playing in SEATTLE, WA Tonight💐 at the TRANSIENT Record Release show at The Highline🍊.
Thx you all for the support and love during the tour!/gracias a todxs por el apoyo durante todo el tour!! 🏡💚
#ontournow #latinx #playaman

💚Catch us on tour forever💚🏃🏽‍♀️
Sat 08.11.18 Boise, ID
Sun 08.12.18 Olympia, WA
Mon 08.13.18 Seattle, WA
Tue 08.14.18 Seattle, WA
Wed 08.15.18 Grant Pass, OR
Thr 08.16.18 Portland, OR
Fri 08.17.18 Eugene, OR
Sat 08.18.18 Chico, CA
Sun 08.19.18 Oakland, CA
Mon 08.20.18 San Jose, CA
Tue 08.21.18 Los Angeles, CA
Wed 08.22.18 Longbeach, CA
Thr 08.23.18 Riverside, CA
Fri 08.24.18 Phoenix, AZ
Sat 08.25.18 Tucson, AZ
Sun 08.26.18 Albuquerque, NM
Mon 08.27.18 Pueblo, CO
Tue 08.28.18 Colorado Springs, CO
Wed 08.29.18 Lawrence, KS
Thr 08.30.18 Saint Louis, MO
Fri 08.31.18 Nashville, TN
Sat 09.01.18 Atlanta, GA
Sun 09.02.18 Jacksonville, FL
Mon 09.03.18 FREE DAY
Tue 09.04.18 FREE DAY
Wed 09.05.18 MIAMI, FL
Thr 09.06.18 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fri 09.07.18 Saint Agustine, FL / Ocala, FL
Sat 09.08.18 Columbia, SC
Sun 09.09.18 Richmond, VA
Mon 09.10.18 Baltimore, MD
Tue 09.11.18 Boston, MA*
Wed 09.12.18 Providence, RI
Thr 09.13.18 New Heaven, CT
Fri 09.14.18 New York, NY
Sat 09.15.18 New Jersey, NJ
Sun 09.16.18 Philly, PA
Mon 09.17.18 Charlotte, NC
Tue 09.18.18 Asheville, NC
Wed 09.19.18 Athens, GA
Thr 09.20.18 Atlanta, GA
Fri 09.21.18 Valdosta, FL
Sat 09.22.18 Ft Walton, FL
Sun 09.23.18 ???
Mon 09.24.18 FREE DAY
Tue 09.25.18 FREE DAY
Wed 09.26.18 FREE DAY
Thr 09.27.18 Ale’s Birthday
Fri 09.28.18 Miami, FL
Sat 09.29.18 Ft Lauderdale, FL
Sun 09.30.18 Tallahassee, FL
Mon 10.01.18 Birmingham, AL
Tue 10.02.18 Saint Louis, MO
Wed 10.03.18 Cedar Falls, IO
Thr 10.04.18 Minneapolis, MN
Fri 10.05.18 Milwaukee, WC
Sat 10.06.18 Chicago, IL
Sun 10.07.18 CHICAGO
Mon 10.08.18 Minneapolis, MI
Tue 10.09.18 Cedar Falls, IO
Wed 10.10.18 Dubuque, IO
Thr 10.11.18 Quad Cities, IL
Fri 10.12.18 Saint Louis, MO
Sat 10.13.18 Nashville, TN
Sun 10.14.18 Athens, GA
Mon 10.15.18 Savahnna, GA
Tue 10.16.18 Jacksonville, FL
Wed 10.17.18 FREE DAY
Thr 10.18.18 FREE DAY
Fri 10.19.18 FREE DAY
Sat 10.20.18 Ft Fortlauderdale, FL
Sun 10.21.18 Miami, FL
Mon 10.22.18 FREE DAY
Tue 10.23.18 St Petes, FL
Wed 10.24.18 Orlando, FL
Thr 10.25.18 Ft Meyers
Fri 10.26.18 THE FEST FL
Sat 10.27.18 THE FEST FL
Sun 10. 28.18 THE FEST FL
#tourlife #ontournow

Familia y amigxs!! We are on tour again!! We are planing to be playing in the US until last October, hopefully we can get to visit all the cities where we have friends and we feel inspire!! Shoutout to everyone that makes this possible, is a blessing to be on tour forever, it really is!!! Thank you! and cya in ure city soon #tourlife #therealdeal

Nosotrxs Latinoamérica Somos la Magia Infinita💖 interview with few years ago in Mexico City w our family☄️
Gracias a todxs por creer en ustedes mismos 🌺🙏🏾💖 #bylatinoimmigrants #pocpunx #joinzeta #magiainfinita

PHILLY THIS IS TONIGHT 🐛 🔥💖 W @birdsinrow, @portrayalofguilt & #SOULGLO 👏🏾8PM 👏🏾AT 👏🏾@kungfunecktie x @deathwishinc 👏🏾
#migrapunx #pocpunx #magiainfinita

New CD Album “Zeta from 2003 to 2018” hot and fresh right out of the oven!!! This baby is here! Exclusively sold on Tour. Packed with 15 years of Zeta magic, music and memories!!! Shoutout to @sinmiedorecords for helping us assemble this beautiful digipack made with lots of love!!! #zetafrom2003to2018 #newalbum #digipack #sinmiedorecords.
This album contains songs from the first album ever until present day, several new songs never released before, perfect to catch up if you are listening to zeta for the first time!!! 🔥🔥🔥.
Thanx for the pictures of the album to 📸 @chick3n5_photos.
Thanx to @jeapierre @chabamr @isabellamadrid @ironraygun @matthewzagorski @mavipl and a lot of friends more for all of the pictures used in the art of this album

CACH US IN 👏🏾JACKSONVILLE👏🏾 FL 👏🏾TONIGHT 👏🏾 at @thejusticepub
📷 @matthewzagorski en Miami 🏝
#Latinx #pocpunx #tourlife

South Florida🌻
We are playing two shows this week!!! And we’ll be playing all new songs 🤫🌪 Wed.07/18 & Sat.07/21 at @churchills_pub.
📷 @euthanasiac in Colo Springs💘
#tourlife #latinx

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