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John Vanderslice  Patiently waiting for Hot Tub Time Machine to be declared a masterpiece.


"Cry On Me" from @chappomusic came out today!!! It's on Spotify and @applemusic. I'm really proud of the record we made together!!

Happy release day to @tuneyards and @naytronix!!!! Shout out to @beaunoise for recording this at Tiny Telephone Oakland!!

A massive International delivery truck almost drove off the road on the land today. It's hard to see, but it's about a 500 foot sheer drop down the hill. Driver was absolutely unfazed.

Tiny Telephone has acquired a 1968 Moog IIIc modular synth!! We are currently having it completely rebuilt by Chris Hewitt at This Old Synth. He's replacing wiring, jacks, knobs, everything but the original electronics and filters. This came from CBS in NYC, it has 9 oscillators and a keyboard. We're not sure which studio it'll land in, but it should be done by spring!

We just added a second EMT 140 stereo plate to Tiny Telephone's A room. I remember thinking it was excessive that Abbey Road had four plates. Those days are gone... Our amazing tech, Steve Villeaux, rebuilt the amp and tuned the plate real nice.

The incredible Clover Vanderslice, AKA Squeakybeaks. The earthquake last night traumatized this poor thing!

We just completed an incredible amount of work on Tiny Telephone Oakland's Neve 8068 in the past two weeks. Garry Creiman and Dave Dick are the geniuses doing all the heavy lifting. All buses and auxes got recalibrated, our stereo master fader is in, and now we have true quad capabilities on the board LOL. The noise floor is around -79/80db, which means we have over 100db of dynamic range. It's been four years of rebuilding the console and now we have it speced out as it shipped in 1976.
Music by Starship Gazelle, recorded by Adam Hirsch.

Merry Crimbus!!!!!

It's important this look was recorded by two AKG C12s. Photo by @dabsworldwide

Lookee here, a double Neve 8068 in United B room. Sea Change and Hail To The Thief were tracked here.

Stacks of old API 550a EQs at United. Almost nothing better.

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