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John Vanderslice  NW Living Room Tickets ALMOST on sale!!!


Only 18 tickets left for tomorrow night's show in Grass Valley, CA at the Dutch Flat Hotel. Presale only, tix in bio! Photo by the *amazing* @gingerfphotography

The 2 Live Crew was lit last night: @poochie_boi, @tabordrums, @cherryglazerr, @spensire, @theesamip

@theesamip as paparazzo

@spensire and I love America

Croy boyz = true love. 📸: @gingerfphotography

One quick remix, then back to interludes. @jamesriotto is on the Neve 8068 and @mkenneymusic is singing those stunning harmonies.

Still life with ARP 2600

Keyboard row.

My favorite non-human: a 1961 Neumann U47 w/ VF14 tube and original capsule.

Hello Portland friends, we are looking for a host for our Nov 29th @undertowmusic Living Room Show. Looking for an art space/house/studio that can accommodate 50-60 humans. You can write me here if you’re interested! 📸: @eliz

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