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John Stanmeyer  @natgeo Photographer - Visual Storytelling Workshop in Istanbul, Oct 27 - Nov 3, 2018, with @anushbabajanyan and @johnstanmeyer. Register here:

This morning I awoke to a photograph here on Instagram from Dilijan by @anushbabajanyan. It connected to the workshop we’re teaching together next month in Istanbul. The strange part, last night I was going to publish this photograph I had taken the previous time we were together in Dilijan, two years ago for the @bridging.stories workshop. But yesterday I chose to publish another image instead. So here this evening with a room of stories. We had wandered through the open door before visiting @caffeinebrewlab for coffee, into the discarded remains of an abandoned home. So many thoughts come when in such spaces...what was the last broadcast received on this television? Who once slept upon the orange mattress, its frame turned in somersaults on its side? The voices that had laughed and cried here, silent other than the wind I remember hearing through the window. Which brings this previous visit full circle to today...yes, Anush and I will be collaborating again, teaching a @viiphoto storytelling workshop in Istanbul, October 27 till November 3. The details and registration are in my Instagram bio. A few spaces remain and we hope you will join. Direct message us if you have any questions, even if it’s to share a short story of beautiful spaces that pulled you in while wandering to have coffee...we always enjoy hearing from you!

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Storytelling Workshop, October 27 thru November 3, Istanbul, Turkey, co-teaching with @anushbabajanyan. Registration and details in my Instagram Bio.
This was a special place, as special as the universe, in all our tininess.
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One personal long term project I have worked on for years is about the life of mannequins. Symbols of us frozen in lost identity. Every place on earth has these fascinating facsimiles, and in Istanbul I found these two ladies, walking out the entrance of an apartment in their sleeping clothes. Everywhere is a story in this wonderful city and next month I will be co-teaching a storytelling workshop in Istanbul with @anushbabajanyan. Anush and I have taught many workshops together. These events are therapy. Much more than just photography. Details about our @viiphoto workshop between October 27 thru November 3 is in my Instagram bio. And as always, send @anushbabajanyan or me a message through Instagram if you have any questions. We always answer each message we receive, so don’t be shy. See you soon in Istanbul!
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Swipe — Photograph by @anushbabajanyan
Here sharing a bit more about the Istanbul Storytelling Workshop and this beautiful photograph...the most patient teacher of photography and the subtle nuances in the art of seeing, is Anush Babajanyan. We have co-taught three workshops in recent years. If there is any photographer who can lift from within you, the purpose and being of telling stories with images, it is @anushbabajanyan. A co-member of @viiphoto, I am so happy to be working again with Anush during our upcoming workshop in the city of a million tales. This photograph of hers from Istanbul tells so much, and was in last year’s prestigious Eyes On Main Street exhibition. Details about our @viiphoto workshop between October 27 thru November 3 are in my Instagram bio. You can always send us a message through Instagram if you have any questions. See you soon in Istanbul!
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The last time I was in Istanbul was for the @natgeo story, Sacred Water, photographing a baptism within the Greek community. I will be returning to this incredible city between October 27th through November 3rd, cohosting a visual storytelling workshop with my @viiphoto colleague, @anushbabajanyan. Anush and I love to teach and have hosted many workshops together. This is not just a photography event. These are spiritual gatherings of compassionate storytelling. Where we guide you in creating a deep narrative essay ready for publication, the same as we do for National Geographic and many other magazines and newspapers.
There are a few spaces left and I hope you will join us in this incredible story-filled city. Details are in the link in my Instagram bio or you are more than welcome to direct message me here on IG with any questions and guidance I can offer to help prepare you for this workshop. Deep respect to all and see you soon, in Istanbul, John
@natgeo @viiphoto @natgeocreative #istanbul #turkey #visualstorytelling #photoworkshop #photography #sacredwater

I am excited to announce this October 27 through November 3, I will be cohosting a visual storytelling workshop in Istanbul, Turkey, with the incomparable @anushbabajanyan. So please to be doing this event with Anush in one of the most magical places on earth...Istanbul, a city filled with stories and mystery. There are a few spaces left for this @viiphoto workshop so do register soonest at the link in my Instagram bio. If you have any questions to seek deeper insight into these immersive photo workshops, please send me a direct message here on IG and I will be happy to share passion and ideas. Till then, so looking forward to working with some of you soon, in Istanbul! Love and kindness to all, John
Masseuses wash and bath men inside the Çemberlitaş Hamami in Istanbul, Turkey. Built in 1584, this hamam is one of the most important works of 16th century Ottoman architecture.
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Sleeping car in Turkey. Very soon I will be announcing a special collaboration taking place in beautiful Istanbul. More details, soon. @natgeo @viiphoto @natgeocreative #turkey #specialevent #cityofamilliontales #storytelling #workshop #car #sleepingcar

Those moments of mystical beauty...tonight before going to bed I looked in my phone (a portable archive) while reflecting on Armenia, and this photograph from Dilijan appeared from a few years ago. It was during the first few days of the @bridging.stories project. We were walking about this beautiful mountain village, a place where quality of life exceeds quantity. With us were some of the young photographers we were teaching. That afternoon in 2016, we came upon an abandoned home that was alive with spirits, more beautiful than ever before. A quiet secret to share... part 2 of this project for building peace will begin again soon. Till then, follow @bridging.stories here on Instagram where the 24 alumni continue creating amazing images of understanding and commonality between neighbors. Thank you so much. @viiphoto @natgeocreative #bridgingstories #armenia #dilijan #abandonedhome #kitchen #spirits

There’s something magical about strange random art installations. Especially in India where everything is magical, even a tree festooned in lights by a roadside tire repair shop along a road in Bangalore. @rippleeffectimages @natgeo @viiphoto @natgeocreative #india #bangalore #tree #lights #green #tires #night #magic

Sometimes I wonder if something too simple, like a photograph of a sunrise, is just too simple. Then I remember awaking last week into the beauty of this Perpignan morning, realizing I was wrong. @natgeo @viiphoto @natgeocreative #perpignan #france #perpignan @visapourlimage #sunrise #rooftops #amazing #beautiful

Down under the Brooklyn Bridge this morning, taking a break while hanging the #7ofVII exhibition, one of and if not the most compelling exhibitions I’ve seen - Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity. So important to stop in container #13 and see this group exhibition by the seven female members of @viiphoto at @photoville in DUMBO. #photoville2018 opens tomorrow, September 13, and runs till the 23rd. @viiphoto #viiphoto #dumbo #photoville #7ofVII #photography #exhibition #photoexhibition #fog #brooklynbridge

The most beautiful Saalumarada Thimmaka, 108 years of life. Childless, Thimmaka planted banyan trees as her children, lining the 4 kilometer road into her village near Bengaluru, India. Tomorrow I will share an Instagram Story on this most amazing, spiritual woman, and her trees, some planted when Thimmaka still a child. @rippleeffectimages @natgeo @viiphoto @natgeocreative #india #bengalaru #thimmaka #beauty

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