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John Stanmeyer  Print sale in honor of 15th Anniversary of the VII photo agency. To purchase these unique prints, including mine from Afghanistan, visit this link:

Back in the land of all that breathes, where life and beauty is given, within everything. Railway station in Akhourik, Armenia, not used for years, speaking beyond the absurdity of time, through unspoken meanings, never relinquishing truth.
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15th Anniversary VII Icon Print Sale ~ Dedicated, emboldened in telling truth, @ashgilbertson iconic photograph from his many years covering issues in Iraq is available through the unique VII Icon Print Sale. Click on the link in my IG bio to order this very affordable print from Ashley and other members of VII.
@viiphoto #15anniversaey #printsale

Fidgeting, during a moving speech by Marguerite Barankitse, retelling how she came from being a refugee, homelessness, to founding the Maison Shalom children's shelter in Burundi. Marguerite Barankitse was the 2016 recipient of the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, returning last night in Yerevan, Armenia, for the start of the 2017 Aurora Prize ceremonies.
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Night of sparkles and pointy shoes, floating at a place of grand giving, the start of the Aurora Prize opening ceremony last evening in Yerevan, Armenia.
@auroraprize @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #yerevan #armenia #auroraprize #sparkledress #shoes #pointedshoes

15th Anniversary VII Icon Print Sale, photo by Antonin Kratochvil ~ There are few photographers who not just inspire, they change the course of photography, the way we see, feel and understand our world. Antonin Kratochvil is one of those few, here with one of his iconic photographs available through the unique @viiphoto Icon Print Sale. Click on the link in my IG bio to order this very affordable print from Antonin and other members of VII.
@viiphoto #15anniversary #printsale

Commune in life, hands in commune at death, villagers gently bathing the body of Ahmad Sukarnom, an elder of the Wetu Telu community in the island of Lombok, Indonesia.
@natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #indonesia #lombok #wetutelu #hands #bathing #ritual #life #death

Pleased to be offering this photograph from Kabul, Afghanistan, taken while I was on assignment for @time magazine in November 2001, the day after the Taliban fled capital. This unique print sale is part of the @VIIphoto agency iconic images print sale celebrating 15 years of VII. Visit the link in my bio to order this very affordable photograph, along with other historic photographs from VII photographers. #kabul #afghanistan #printsale #iconicphotographs #photography

Land of enchantment, few places speak in quiet ballads as kindly as Armenia, in lyrics so heavy they reverberate the soul…train depot housing a locomotive that once, not that long ago, traveled between Armenia and Turkey, a dove of peace, waiting for the other to return.
@natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #armenia #akhourik #train #dove #peace #beauty #quietbeauty

Story Half Told, my latest project in metastatic breast cancer ~ Some moments can be pensive for both Michael Kovarik, right, and Tim Watkins, left, taking on the daily struggle of living with metastatic breast cancer. On a gentle winter’s afternoon, Michael and his partner, Tim, took some quiet time to reflect at a restaurant in Cambridge, New York, one of the rare moments I ever saw Michael turn inward, a reflection of the weighted issues when coping with stage 4 male breast cancer. To see more of Michael’s incredible journey, follow @storyhalftold #storyhalftold #MetastaticBC #malebreastcancer #breastcancer #kindness, and be inspired, as I was, through positive energy and love. All my best, @johnstanmeyer

Gentle peek of the Chrysler Building, from the 28th floor next to Time Square.
#nyc #chryslerbuilding #blinds #newyorkcity

Elevator ride with @ashgilbertson in New York.
#nyc #portrait #elevator #hair

Story Half Told, my latest project on male breast cancer ~ Living with metastatic breast cancer, Michael Kovarik had a nipple tattoo put on his chest, reminding him he is no different than anyone else, coping and surviving with stage 4 breast cancer. Each day spent with Michael, I became so empowered, inspired by his strength and kindness. Please follow Michael’s journey at @storyhalftold #storyhalftold #MetastaticBC and become equally enlightened to how positive energy and love, nurturing all of us. All my best, @johnstanmeyer
#malebreastcancer #breastcancer #kindness #strength

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