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Goofy pool fun!

Lunch at the park

Fruit picking at the berry patch!

Playing with clay. I've never seen anyone use their hands AND feet to sculpt before now.

A day or two ago we checked on our hornworm pupae for the first time in a while and dug them out to check on them. Today they hatched!

Dirty pyrates!

The kiddos were having a good time watching the trucks. Had 4 parked in front of the house at one point. Even had a lady sneak up into the yard to seen what the commotion was about.

Finishing off a busy day with some gelato! #dmsgf17

Hazel's new power gloves

So when i saw this get up i had to ask her what she was- "a superhero?" "No. I'm a stormtrooper"

Finally a chance to relax and enjoy the panoramic tent roof

So these med-large crickets are definitely on the large side.

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