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Tyler Johnson  Hammer Fitness Contest Prep Coach🕊 Pump'd St. Catharines Sponsored Athlete BrockU Coaching Inquiries: tyler@hammerfitness.com

Silence the critics. 🤫 #teamhammer #hammerfitness

I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately but I might as well take advantage while my strength is still increasing. Heavy shoulder day and this exercise is by far my favourite. The benefit the smith machine has over a regular bar is that it stabilizes your muscles for you and you’re much less likely to risk injury. Compared to dumbbells, I prefer the smith machine solely for the fact that you don’t need to exert energy getting the dumbbells up from the ground. 3 plates a side for a few reps so I guess my next goal is 3 and a 25 a side #teamhammer @hammerfitness @amerthehammer @pumpdstcatharines

There’s definitely a lot of us who get caught up trying to increase the weight on each of our lifts. So much so that we compromise either form, or the integrity of the workout altogether. Outside of the powerlifting realm, it’s important to engage the targeted muscles during each lift to maximum capacity. I’ve squatted much more than this before without hitting below parallel and after watching videos over I’ve become unsatisfied with it, simply because I want more growth and I truly believe in form playing the biggest role in that (alongside progressive overload). Enjoying some depth work on my squats and slowly going to get the numbers back up while improving my form and depth to put some more needed size on to my quads. #teamhammer #hammerfitness #pumpd

A concept we’ve all heard is that “less is more.” Which, in my opinion, could not be more true as a fitting argument as to why there’s such a generational gap in almost every regard. When we compare movies in the past, or physiques in the past to those of today’s, or even music.. We often hear that everything sucks today in comparison to 20-30+ years ago.
The reason for this is the fact that there was so much less available at the time, that people were FORCED to produce higher quality to compensate for the lack of resources. They were forced to work harder and more diligently. With an abundance of resources at our finger tips, it’s far too easy to negate some of the principles needed for quality work. All we see in movies is an overuse of special effects and MOST movies nowadays are remakes. Music is 90% auto tune these days. And the physiques in bodybuilding are soft, bloated, and pumped with every drug in the book.
Focus less on using your available resources, and focus more on being gritty and working hard in order to produce high quality results. Our resources are simply supplemental, not a crutch. #teamhammer #hammerfitness #pumpd

Show date has been set. Going to keep riding this wave of growth and continue doing what I’m doing. Extremely excited moving forward and for those of you supporting me (genuinely) I’m very thankful. 228lbs this morning. #teamhammer #hammerfitness

Too many people are unwilling to pay their dues and put the work in first. Everyone nowadays just expects to become famous or popular as soon as they get started. Work in silence, build a foundation, and let your results speak for you. Commentating done by @marcboni_daddy_athlete 😂
6 plates for a double #teamhammer #pumpdstcatharines

For those of you asking/wondering, yes I am competing this year. The goal is June/July for classic physique still (under 185lbs cut off). Current weight is anywhere between 225-228 leaner than I’ve ever been at this weight. Definitely by far the best I’ve felt and looked for this stage. At this time 2 years ago I was 208lbs and not as lean so I feel more confident going into this year.
The reason for taking time off was simply because I’m no longer competing just for the sake of competing. FAR too many people do this and will always end up coming short. You may win low level shows because of your genetics or lack of competition, but when you’re striving to be the best, you need proper preparation. Unfortunately in this sport, that means taking the necessary amount of time to ensure that you are ready for that. I feel that given my current weight cut off I’m in as good of a spot as I can be in to turn pro this year. There’s been a lot of ups and downs this past year that I’ve had to work through, but now I’m in a spot I feel I can do what I’ve set out to do, which is to turn pro. I’ve had to listen to a lot talk from the mouths of people who have done literally nothing in this industry, so I think it’s time to silence the critics. #teamhammer #hammerfitness

I have a good feeling about 2018 #teamhammer #hammerfitness

First time ever trying a 405lbs bench press. Guess I’m starting the new year on the right foot. Huge shoutout to the biggest guy in Niagara for spotting me @devohip #teamhammer #hammerfitness

540lbs hack squat (not including the weight of the machine). Nothing wrong with some old school heavy training 😊 #teamhammer #pumpdstcatharines

545x3.. couldn't be more focused right now and couldn't be feeling better. #teamhammer #hammerfitness

Birthday started right with a chest workout.. and now I spend the rest of the day eating and studying 🤓🎂

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