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Current update. 6 weeks post show and still unsure of my next move. Contemplating the pro qualifier in October but we will see. Sitting at 235lbs right now and I feel I’ve added the 4-6lbs of muscle that I felt I needed for the next time I compete (give the weight cut-off is 190lbs). By far the best I’ve felt mentally after a competition and physically I feel I’ve rebounded the healthiest I ever have. We’ll see what the next move is soon! #teamhammer

I think maybe it’s almost time @amerthehammer and I get this back? Don’t think I’m done for the year just yet. I think I needed this first show back to really expose my weaknesses after my 2 year offseason so now that they’ve become apparent, all we can do is fix them. Sooner than later. #teamhammer

Pre-judging (Friday) vs. Finals (Saturday). I know I’ve said it before but I think it’s worth repeating - the importance of learning through the process of growth. With or without a coach/mentor, there’s nothing greater than learning from your past mistakes. I’ve spent the past 5 weeks breaking down and analyzing everything that transpired in Toronto 5 weeks ago and I’ll continue to do so likely until I’m back on stage. I can’t wait to get better and I can’t wait to learn even more next time. I’m still so fired up, I’ve yet to lose the idea of competing in October.. #teamhammer

How deep into the darkness are you willing to go to find the light? Your obsession will directly reflect your outcome in any given situation. The deeper we walk, the more we are able to tap into unchartered territory that allows us to push through any prior thresholds we may have thought we had. #teamhammer

4 Champions. Battling for the top spot in the entire division and only one pro card. I’ve never heard a crowd so loud in my life at any competition I’ve ever been at. I’ve been replaying the videos and these moments in my head for weeks now. I’m obsessed with getting better because evidently it wasn’t enough. What a thrill though. #teamhammer #throwbackthursday

No matter what the task, I always put my ego aside and just do whatever it is I need to so I can get the job done. It’s not easy going from shredded to “fluffy..” as you see your hard work essentially vanish before your eyes. But that’s just one way to look at it. If you have a purpose then it’s very easy to switch gears. Likewise, it’s not easy to go from feeling full and round all the time to clothing no longer fitting properly, and feeling flat and small(er than usual) in public. I never really care for staying stage lean after a show, nor do I really care about “losing size.” As long as you are guided by purpose and moving forward, that’s all that matters. #teamhammer

Just under an hour from stepping on stage for pre-judging Friday night. @amerthehammer taking one last look at me, going over which poses I should hit when I walk out. Despite all the pressure I felt for myself, I felt even more for Amer. I knew I had to nail it this time to solidify his position at the top for coaches in this industry and that was on my mind for the past 2 years. There’s definitely a slight feeling of heartbreak from not winning the Overall and turning pro. This has been on my mind ever since that weekend. Watching someone else take what I had worked so hard for.. it wasn’t and isn’t easy to comprehend or accept. I’m a competitor and I compete to be number one. Thankfully this experience has really fuelled me more than ever. It was so rejuvenating to be back doing what I love and to do well. But the work doesn’t stop and I’ll be back, ready. #teamhammer

Last post for a while (promise). I’ve been most excited to share this #transformation as it goes to show the progress we’ve made through my first 3 classic physique competitions. Only 8 weeks between the two pics on the left, and 2 years later on the right. I’m most proud of this comparison because of what it symbolizes and because of what I had to go through physically and mentally through this process. This is a true example of patience, execution, and validation. Either you’re willing to put the work in for what you want or you can continue to be content with mediocrity.

Arnold’s 2015 —> Toronto Pro Qualifier 2018. The Arnold’s was the first time @amerthehammer and I worked together. I achieved my best conditioning to date, and my absolute worst placing to date. Going into the show expecting to turn pro, and leaving with a 14th place instead was devastating. I then went to nationals months later only to place 11th. My two worst placings and the first two shows I competed in working with @amerthehammer. Anyone else probably would have left their coach at that point. Not only did I believe that we could (eventually) do great things together, I knew he believed it too. With a mediocre classic physique debut season, I told myself I needed to take time off to refine and rebuild my physique, and most importantly, reset myself mentally and prepare for the new division. 2 years off, we stuck through it all and finally decided the time was right this year. From 14th in my first international show, to 1st in my second international show. Committed to the process.. #teamhammer

First set of pictures sent off to my coach @amerthehammer after my first tan - post weigh-in. This is when we started the load. And this is when it started to get real. 2 years of work leading into this weekend and I had never been more focused. Nothing in the world mattered to me other than thinking of the stage. The food was more purposeful than ever. Every move was calculated. All I could think was “this is it.. we’re almost done.” 2 years put into this show. Endless hours of Amer making me eat and ensuring I peaked. Ensuring that our work did not go to waste. Within 48 hours of these pictures, we were international champs. The work was worth it. The time in seclusion, worth it. Best of all, we learned from this show about what we can do better. We’re not stopping. @hammerfitness

Camaraderie. In such an egotistical sport, it’s extremely refreshing being able to meet genuine, hard-working athletes whenever I compete. At that point, the work is done. We have no effect on how anyone else prepares, nor can we strategize to beat them. All we can do is put 100% of our own effort into preparation, and go out on stage and battle side by side with our brothers (and sisters). Genuine and humble.. very rare traits in this industry but I’m glad I got to share the weekend with all of these champions.
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I really only have one goal - to be the best. To most, I won 2 weeks ago as I took 1st in my class. To me, I lost. I didn’t win Overall, and I didn’t earn my pro status. The loss definitely hurt. 2 years of work dedicated to one goal and it just didn’t turn out how I had hoped. Being SO close too, I think made it sting a little more. However, with this experience I’ve learned so much, which I am grateful for. I’ve been able to reflect upon my past mistakes leading into my prep. I am forever a student to the subject of fitness and bodybuilding. Understanding and fixing these past mistakes will only help move me forward and I can guarantee that I will be one step closer for us to achieve the goal of earning pro status. #teamhammer

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