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The murder of 14 year old Emmitt Louis Till still haunts all concerned Americans. One time in Black America the story of his murder and Death was was the horror story black parents told their children. Sixty three years later black children are still in jeopardy of being the victims of institutionalized racism. We must never forget this young child’s murder. Never forget!

Tonight Snowfall episode three! Franklin has to regulate his crew! Kevin is bossin up! @snowfallfx

With the great storyteller Walter Mosley... I always have a great time being in his company listening to his many stories and observations on life and classic movies. Watch this weeks episode of Snowfall which was written by Walter. It’s fire!! @snowfallfx

Tonight Snowfall season two! The saga continues! Only on FXnetworks! How crack changed the West coast! @snowfallfx I want all my folks watching ! I’ll be here all day responding to your comments about the first episode.

Snowfall kickback today and Tomm at 1862 La Cienega Blvd. Keep in it real Westside! Come .. DJ and Snowfall swag stuff!.Custom sneakers!! 11 to 4.. Sat and Sun!Snowfall premieres July 19 only on FX!@SnowfallFX

Off on another adventure.... independence is a lot of things .... a state of mind .. a sense of being .. knowing who you are in your soul. Respect to those who are truly fearless .. fear and insecurity cripples ... lose it and you can fly like a Bird ....

Hadda supervise a digital transfer of 2 Fast 2 Furious today at Universal Studios. Had a deja vu moment watching the tour trams pass. I remember being 12 and coming to the Uni tour being excited and having dreams of being a filmmaker. They used to give the tourists sheets backthen of there current movies and soon be future releases .. I remember them Advertising for Steve Martins The Jerk, still one of my favorites , ThE Blues Brothers, Conan the Barbarian, Hearbeats, the Dark Crystal..Was a pivotal moment in my young life not even a teenager yet but I just knew what I was going to do even though there were few people I could say who like me had done it...Dreams do come true with hard work, discipline and talent. Still grinding in this business. JS out!

Snowfall season Two!! Let’s get it!! July 19! Only on FX networks!@SnowfallFX

Me at Blair High School prom... with my high school girlfriend .... Rosalind Gunn..chocolate cutie ...I thought I was fly. Things were much simpler then. FBF.

Had a great time at Fox LA screenings last night where TV execs from around the world gathered to party and celebrate. Glad to know Snowfall has sold worldwide and they are all excited about season two. Hence this big cheesy grin I’m showing here. @snowfallfx

Y’all give some honor and love to my best friend Micheal Winters aka Fatbacc..107 Hoovers. We grew up on 101st and Vermont ..shared a lotta adventures ...This man could run his mouth .. speak his honest opinion on anything ...he gave no fucks from an early age ...In Boyz n Hood the character Ice Cube plays Is based on this man The Original Dough Boy. We called him Fatbacc. He gave himself that name around 12 years old near 7th grade writing in notebooks ..H.C,G. FATBACC. You will forever be remembered. RIP.Love.

Last day of shooting on Snowfall. Season 2 starts July 19 on FX. @snowfallfx

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