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Demboys went downtown to the movies. Circa 1984. 2 dollars a person ..stale popcorn.... kick rats between the shows....LA’s version of NY’s Times Square. Good memories of the STATE theater downtown LA in ‘82 3movies for a dollar. Snowfall Season TWO! This summer! . @snowfallfx

Well I’m finally out doing some Boat therapy hanging in the Marina checking tanks and electrics on the yacht ..springtime sailing soon ..Mexico ? How far south should I go ? Boat preplife

Thinking of you ....Truely the best example of Walk it like I talk It.

My last Oscar post for the year.
Had so much fun that night seeing old friends ... mixing Pinot with vodka then several In and Out Burgers ... bad idea. But seeing all those historical moments ... Kobe’s win off court taking home gold ... Jordan’s groundbreaking win ... Frances speech ... and mi hermano Guillermo making the big wins. Folks will remember this as a time when things turned a corner in our industry. Then later that night went to Jay’s party which felt like we was in them 90’s NY spots like Nells, Cheetah, or Centrofly with all the hip hop heads who survived and made it. We here y’all! Black to the Future! JS!

Ran into my favorite actress Baby Sister Taraji P Henson .... a real one! We’ve already made some history together and now the future is coming. Love all the blessings she has been betowed with because I have seen and been there 4 the struggle. As a black woman in Hollywood this little girl has emerged as a queen. Please support her always ...she is more than worthy! @tarajiphenson

The Oscars! Feels great to see how these awards have evolved since I first came in ‘92. To hop out and see Kobe then Common then my girl Mary J Blidge all Oscar nominees and past winners. Warms my heart man. We winning out here. Don’t sleep! I’ve always loved the movies now even more that I see folks that look like me.

Jewz N The Hood! When Avi comes looking for Franklin you know it’s trouble.My friend Alon Aboutboul is killing it. Snowfall season 2 is coming! @snowfallfx @alonaboutboul

Uh Hollywood ...WAKE UP! Stop sleeping! Films and TV have now caught up with music .. HipHop culture changed pop culture ... the new normal is multi ethnic but at its core Black inflenced. Stop being surprised by the success and just flow. Cause it’s never going back to the old way. JS

Just cause I’m feeling good today.

Great article in Hollywood Reporter this morning.... got to chop it up with Lee Daniels, Barry Jenkins and Jordan Peele. Making history and continuing the work that needs to be done as African American storytellers in Film.

Smart ones learn how to rinse it! Snowfall 2nd season coming!@SnowfallFX@DamsonIdris.

Snowfall! We ain’t fuckin around! Season Two is coming!Photo Credit .. @perismencheta aka El Oso!@snowfallfx

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