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Hey y’all! My lil bro @iMalcolmMays just released his new EP #ConfessionsofaLostAngel available on Spotify NOW. go check out the Short Film we DID 4 it ( This my cameo. Lol.

I find most of my peace by the water. Even if I can only find a few hours a day to be by the ocean I find it relaxes me, resets my creative impulses. I’m reset and able to get back into the game. Loving the ocean. CallKid 4 life. West Coast Life.

One of my favorite moments from Snowfall season finale. Leon’s prison prep talk to his best friend Franklin. Everybody need a friend like Leon. @snowfallfx

Thank y’all for making our second season of Snowfall a hit! Looking forward to Season Three! @snowfallfx

Yes!!! The saga continues! Watch the finale of Season Two tomm night! Directed by John Singleton.@SnowfallFX

Thursday night Snowfall season finale! Directed by me! Franklin is sent to the Twin Towers circa 1984! His life and this show will never be the same! Watch it!!! FREE FRANKLIN!!! Holla at me here with comments! I will write back..@snowfallfx

Congrats to my lil sis Regina King on what I think is her 3rd Emmy win!!! She doing it!!@iamreginaking

My heart goes out the Franklin family and all of Black America ..well this country as a whole ... we’ve lost one of the greatest. The Queen of Soul ... Miss Aretha Franklin has been the voice of our souls ... many of our mothers used to play her records while they were cleaning house .raising kids. I remember listening to Aretha with Tupac and him playing “To Be Young Gifted and Black” saying how in Higher Learning wanted to run to the song. Every time I’d see her I’d fall to her feet and thank her for all she’s given us as a people .Aretha has always been a part of our lives and she forever will .. Love You!

ARETHA!You will forever beour shining voice. Your artistry helped generations of Black Americans through some of our hardest times. Who doesn’t remember their mothers playing Arethas music when she was having a moment and then finding the Strength to carry on?! We will always love our First Lady, the Queen of Soul! Rest in Love!

The murder of 14 year old Emmitt Louis Till still haunts all concerned Americans. One time in Black America the story of his murder and Death was was the horror story black parents told their children. Sixty three years later black children are still in jeopardy of being the victims of institutionalized racism. We must never forget this young child’s murder. Never forget!

Tonight Snowfall episode three! Franklin has to regulate his crew! Kevin is bossin up! @snowfallfx

With the great storyteller Walter Mosley... I always have a great time being in his company listening to his many stories and observations on life and classic movies. Watch this weeks episode of Snowfall which was written by Walter. It’s fire!! @snowfallfx

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