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Tonight SNOWFALL episode 4. Will Franklin get his money? What will he do once he is face to face with Karvel? Watch SNOWFALL at 10pm tonight on FX! @snowfallfx

Franklin has a burner and is going after Karvel, Gustavo, Lucia and Pedro have made a bad situation worse and Teddy travels to Central America and the jungle war! This episode directed by Hiro Murai from FX's ATLANTA. Snowfall episode 4 this Wed 10pm on FX! Streets is watchin!

Damson Idris and Isiah John. Franklin and Leon in SNOWFALL. Great to be a part of a new generation of young talent that will raise the bar on Black Hollywood and make more history. @damsonidris @isaiahkjohn

Tonight! Franklin gotta get his money! More money more problems! It's 'bout to go down! Meet Karvel! SNOWFALL! 10pm! Only on FX! @snowfallfx. Directed by Dan Attias from The Wire, Ray Donavan, The Sorpranos.

Franklin has to "Man Up" to get his money back....Tha game gets real! Snowfall Wed 10pm on FX @snowfallfx House of Singleton.

July 12, 1991 Boyz n the Hood premieres on the world ...26 years later tonight is SNOWFALL episode 2! We still representing the West Coast in a big way! Hood Classics! Striaght official! Watch SNOWFALL tonight on FX! @snowfallfx

If y'all wasn't knowing now you know!!! SNOWFALL is a hit!!! Watch Wed 10pm! The game is about to get deep! @snowfallfx

Tonight!!! SNOWFALL drops! Watch at 10pm on FX!! I'll be here in real time on both coasts talking to my followers. Watch it in real time right now!!

SNOWFALL! The game begins July 5! Set your DVRs now to record the season and watch the first night in real time.

One week from today!!! SNOWFALL hits the streets! Set your DVRs now and record. Get ready!

New legends begin. SNOWFALL! Meet Carter Hudson, Damson Idris and Sergio Teddy,Franklin and Gustavo! A storm is coming to LA and it's name is cocaine. SNOWFALL premieres on July 5.Set your DVRs now to get the first episode.We giving y'all like a movie every week on this show. Trust and believe!

Official! Everything I put my name on has to rise to that level.... where I'm from if you ain't "official" you ain't nothing. This too applies to storytelling and especially in the way of movies and TV which reach a wide audience. It's hard to tell certain truths when folks are used to seeing lies and being "programmed" all their lives. Just know I stand by truths when I'm telling a story and I've always made a commitment to keep it real. Anything else is beneath me. @snowfallfx

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