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John Ross Bowie  This is hopefully pretty or funny. Or pretty funny. My last name rhymes with 'Maui.' Speechless airs Fridays at 8:30/ 7:30 c on ABC.

#10featuredteachers here’s Emily from DC. Read her story and help her out- her link is in my bio!
Hey, I saw your 10 Featured Teachers post! My name is Emily, and I teach fourth grade reading for DC Public Schools. I’m a certified special ed teacher, I’ve been teaching for five years and I work in a Title I school teaching reading. I work with students with specials needs and English language learners as a reading interventionist. My students are goofy, enthusiastic learners and I am constantly working to teach them in new and engaging ways! Teachers at my school go above and beyond constantly, we stay late, come early, Coach, tutor, visit homes and support families year round. We go out of pocket for most of our basic supplies, any help would be amazing.

It was made in 1955, it’s in black and white, it’s over three hours long (DONT see the short version) and it’s in Japanese. And it’s one of the most entertaining films ever made. SEVEN SAMURAI is the Akira Kurosawa starter kit. Very frame is a picture, every laugh lands, every tear is earned.
That’s it for me. I nominate @purpledga to pick up the #10daymoviechallenge.

Let’s help out Keri from Brooklyn. Her link is in my bio!
Hi I’m a special education teacher in Fort Green Brooklyn. I’ve been teaching for over 18 years and currently teach Adapted Living Skills to students on the Autism Spectrum. My students all receive related services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling. Teaching ADL is challenging because the department of education does not necessarily supply items such as shoe tying or dressing materials- the things that I teach that are so important in making my students successful citizens. Thank you for doing this!

For a film ostensibly about the making of The Mikado, the operetta doesn’t come up until you’re about an hour into Mike Leigh’s TOPSY-TURVEY. What precedes it is a painstaking depiction of collaboration in the late 1800s - ad hoc stage craft! New telephones! Grease paint and monocles! Beautifully shot and filled with fascinating detail, it is a must for theatre nerds.

Cedric and his mouth sounds. You can find last nights #Speechless on Hulu or on

#10featuredteachers Say hello to Audrey and her kids, who could use our help. The link to her amazon wish list is in my bio. *******
Hi, I teach 5th grade in a high poverty area of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 98% off my students qualify for free and reduced lunch. My students have way bigger worries in their home lives and don't always get the chance to be kids. They struggle with having basic needs at home, such as food. Most of my students are ELL. We struggle with no library at the school. I purchase many books for them to borrow and practice their reading. They are an amazing class that I just want to give my best

#NR FEAR by Bob Woodward. As with all of Woodward’s books, I’m taking it with a grain of salt. Fascinating little tidbit here about Kushner and #mohammedbinsalman, who is back in the news.
I’m leaving comments open- please don’t make me regret it. Totally aware that Bush and Obama were too cozy with the Saudis.

Tonight. Thanksgiving. J.J. takes one of Uncle Billy’s heart pills and winds up in the hospital. Dig in! Guest starring Rob Corddry, Sarah Chalke and Stephanie Escajeda! #speechless

Say hello to Yazmin, the first of my #10FeaturedTeachers. Her Amazon wish list link is in my bio! TEACHERS -MAKE SURE YOUR WISHLIST HAS A GIFT REGISTRY ADDRESS!
My name is Yazmin & I am a first year high school science teacher in the city of Rockford. I currently teach students from grades 9-12 in Biology & Earth science. My main focus in all of my classrooms are providing students a comfortable, fun, & supportive environment. With that said, our school lacks the proper air conditioning & heating, my classes can reach into the high 80s/low 90s during warm months making my classroom a difficult area to teach & learn in. During cold months my classes are freezing without proper heating, students wear jackets to class & some even bring blankets to stay warm. I would love to have the basics of proper cooling & heating for my classroom as my main priority, I want my students to feel comfortable in class so that we can shift our focus on learning. Everything else on my wishlist is simply a bonus to providing my students with a fun & hands-on classroom experience. Supplies & funding are limited in my district so the majority of supplies comes out of my own pocket. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

#10daymoviechallenge BROADCAST NEWS by James L Brooks. As prescient as Network, and hasn’t ever really gotten the respect it deserves until recently, when it got the Criterion release I’ve been waiting for. In the deleted scenes - an entire storyline that fleshes out William Hurt’s character and will change the way you watch the film.

A lot of you probably know that I went to college to be a high school English teacher. After I graduated, I returned to my old high school and taught there for just one academic year. Without question the hardest job I’ve ever had, especially since I looked like one of the students (see above). But I still think about going back to it sometimes. Until such a time, I have been nominated by @paulscheer to participate in the #10featuredteachers challenge. Here is how it works – teachers – DM me. Include a photo, tell me about your classes, and include your Amazon wish list. I will pick one teacher a day for the next 10 days and blast their story over the Internet to the best of my abilities. Need supplies and resources? Let’s make it happen!

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