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John Robles  Fighter👊🏽Trainer💪🏽 Systems Training Center Instructor / Afterburn Coach RKC Lvl-1 #TeamRobles #ProfessionalBully

You get all the love I wasn’t able to give your brother. ❤️🐸🙏🏽 @the.nooks

It’s simple doing something that could save a life maybe even one of your loved ones. I’ve had one taken from me and it’s not fair. Stop the drinking and driving please not because it’s against the law but because of it’s destruction of families @rememberliamslife
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Thank you @motherjonesmag for shining light on the issues we are facing and the ridiculous resistance we are facing from lobbyists and politicians. This won’t stop. Help us spread the message. Join the fight!
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The booze lobby has helped kill a law that could possibly save 1,800 lives every year: The National Transportation Safety Board first called for lowering the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit from .08 to .05 in 2013, based on substantial evidence from labs and road-track tests showing that impairment from alcohol starts with the very first drink. Only one state, Utah, passed a bill in March 2017 to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit for driving. But many alcohol lobbyists are afraid this will lower alcohol consumption, despite there being no evidence of this occurring. Read more on #alcoholconsumption #healthissues #boozelobbyists (📸: kali9/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Tonight as I was watching my kids during sparring one of the other students asked me “You love what you do don’t you?” I just lit up with a smile and he replied “I can tell”. You can’t fake passion for something it shines even when you don’t. 📸 @thejiujitsudoll

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Boop. Got your nose 👉🏽👃🏼 📸 @vincetheanomaly

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They say a pictures worth a thousand words. You fill in the blanks

Friends like these eh Gary? @lebowskifest
Nights like this and friends like this group remind me how blessed I am 🙏🏽 #thejourneycontinues
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“Back in the days when I was young I'm not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again” -Ahmad •

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I couldn’t be more proud of my guy @j.leooo310 he KO’s the kid and gets disqualified for a late shot which I respect the rules but the kid wasn’t getting up anyways. This judge was being a jerk to him all night giving him a hard time for no reason before the fights even started. Then Leo drops the kid you can see in the video right in front of the judge who didn’t like him. Again I respect the rules but when the judge looks at me and says “He can’t do that” with that I’m gonna show you face on, I get it. We wore it like champs cause the whole crowd knows who won the fight. Great job Leo I couldn’t be more proud. #muaythai #not #mma #debut #wck #systemstrainingcenter @mackowal @systemstrainingcenter

Two kids have told me straight face I wanna fight. Help me. Today the first one to say it makes his Muay Thai debut. I’m so proud of this kid and he hasn’t even fought yet. This kid has had every chance to make excuses but he doesn’t he endures and we grow together. He’s my little brother not by blood but by time spent bettering one another. Today @j.leooo310 makes the walk and I’m proud to be a part of his journey. Let’s get this baby brah. #muaythai #socal #brother #mentor #coach

#fbf Shout out to all my day ones 🙏🏽 My stay ones. #teamrobles #thejourneycontinues

If you have passion for something Do it. You never know where it may lead you. I never thought I would be a fighter it’s something that developed. I definitely never thought I would be a coach or a mentor. It is something that developed from the great coaches and mentors I’ve had. The gift that has been given to me I will continue to give to others. My students always remind me my value to their world. I love that feeling because I know what it meant for me to have such great mentors. Do it with passion.

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God damn this kid impresses me every time. Everything we planned for happened and he handled it near flawlessly. He’s got so much talent and he’s such an athlete congrats on a beautiful TKO finish @ghostpeppermma

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